Disclaimer - Shocking revelations held within this blog – not to be read by children

The one thing I dread about Christmas is the whole Santa thing. I clearly recall as a child the disappointment of discovering Father Christmas wasn’t real (I did say this blog held shocking revelations!). It was thanks to my older sister who took great delight in revealing one Christmas morning that she had seen daddy place the presents under the tree and not Santa.

Maybe I’m alone here but upon being told this earth shattering news I remember philosophising about all the other BIG things my parents had told me as fact and wondering if they too were simply a cleverly weaved tangle of lies and untruth!

With the boys we took the decision that in this age of “risk

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Notes: a great way to urge your child to do something they’re supposed to but occasionally forget to do, such as feeding the dog.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Kid’s party tip: Get everyone to bring a banana & make the longest banana split possible! Supply ice-cream, chocolate sauce & pink wafers.

--DAD team


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