I believe that there are four key skills a parent should develop in a child:

Confidence:  Being confident but not arrogant in their actions, decisions and abilities.

Persistence: knowing you won't always get it right first time and keeping going.  A strong character, confident enough to keep going with enthusiasm.

Organised:Being on time and knowing how to plan time, from home work to tidy rooms

Get Along:  How we get along, approaching people, have a conversation, listening, body language, how we have positive interactions with those around us.

With these four skill sets a child can handle and manage the rigors of anything school, university or life can throw at them. So when we develop manners (saying please or thank you) we are building skills in social interaction “Get Along

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Notes: a great way to urge your child to do something they’re supposed to but occasionally forget to do, such as feeding the dog.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Kid’s party tip: Get everyone to bring a banana & make the longest banana split possible! Supply ice-cream, chocolate sauce & pink wafers.

--DAD team


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