My boys don’t go back to school until tomorrow but this weekend saw the official end to summer in our house.

I asked the boys if they enjoyed their six-week break and what the highlights were. Here are their replies:

Jasper, aged 7:

“I wish we’d had more sunshine and been able to swim. I liked going to Norfolk and camping with my friends; it rained loads and Daddy got really wet, right down to his pants. I liked visiting Nana and Granddad and playing in the park opposite their house every night after tea. I liked that Mummy kept forgetting the time and so we had dinner late and sometimes I went to bed really, really late. I liked playing on the beach at Nana's. I liked riding my bike. I liked not going to school and being able to play on my DS lots. “

Harvey, aged 5:

“I liked playing at home and watching TV with Daddy. I liked living in a tent and not having baths; we got really stinky.

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Help your child to dream and set goals, big and small. Read stories with them of people who didn't allow personal circumstances to dictate what they achieved.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Bring your children up with a firm basis for values; it is likely to impact on their behaviour in a positive way. 

--Dad team