5 Fun Ways to Spend Father's Day as a Family

A glance through the Father’s Day cards in the supermarket would have you believe that all a dad wants to do is sit on the sofa watching football. The truth, of course, is far removed from that image; Dad’s and their partners share the housework and childcare duties. They’re enjoying the challenge and wouldn’t miss it for the world…so here are 5 fun ways to spend Father’s Day together as a family


However your family is set up, there are lots of ways to make Father’s Day special. Our activities below will provide plenty of opportunities for making new memories, taking precious photographs, having a laugh and spending quality time with dad.

A family bake-off or BBQ

Plan a kitchen takeover by the kids and cook up a treat for dad. Invite the family or friends and their children. For a carnivorous cook-off, stock up on some fish and tasty cuts of various meats. You might prefer some sweet treats. Either way get online together to track down the perfect recipes and have a collective shopping trip to find the ingredients. All that’s left is to mess up the kitchen, use every pot in the house and tuck in!

DIY with a twist

It’s a classic, the gift money can’t buy, the personal touch and something that suits all budgets. Visit a hobby shop and buy kits to make Dad a gift he’ll treasure from his clever kids and loved ones. You could go digital and make up a montage of funny or brilliant photos you love from the last year. You can get these printed on pretty much anything. Work together to build or decorate something for the household to enjoy – such as a garden feature or a new play room. Get stuck into painting, constructing, decorating and photographing each stage to show how it all happened.

Share knowledge and learn new tricks

A visit to a historical attraction or museum is an opportunity for the youngsters to see how we used to live and for those in our families ‘who were there’ to share stories with the next generation. Many National Trust properties hold special Father’s Day events where you can try out crafts or watch demonstrations of activities that were commonplace in the past. Museums and heritage organisations often issue Family passes that can last the year so why not buy yours this month and continue to explore the lessons of history together throughout the coming months?

Earn your lunch!

Where do we start? There are so many sports and activities that are fun and keep the whole family healthy. Rather than sit about the house, tied to our addictive tech, we could be getting out in the great outdoors and building up an appetite for a nice pub lunch or a picnic. Visit the beach and try body boarding, volleyball, cricket or swimming. Head out with your favourite tech and try geocaching. Hire some segways or go rollerskating. When it comes to dining out, Father’s Day can be a really busy day for family restaurants so grabbing some nice bread, sandwich fillings, fruit and bottles of water from a local shop to refresh your family sports team can prove a little easier!

Go on safari  

Get your camouflage gear and combat trousers on and explore a new wild environment. Go to a local woodland and take part in a den building workshop. Go and feed the animals at a farm open day or zoo. Drive through a safari park and cross your fingers that some over-eager creature doesn’t steal your windscreen wipers. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the kids come home and draw some of the creatures and landscapes they’ve discovered.

With so many choices, you simply won’t fancy a lie-in! Get out there with your loved ones and have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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