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We've teamed up with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to give you the chance to ask everything you want to know about the planned introduction of fees and charges for those parents who use the Child Maintenance Service either now, or in the future.

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The government plan to introduce fees and charges later in 2014 for parents who use the Child Maintenance Service.
They want to encourage more parents to work together to arrange child maintenance instead of using the Child Maintenance Service or the courts.

The fees and charges include:

  • A £20 application fee for any new application.
  • A 20% collection fee for paying parents, on top of their usual amount using the Collect & Pay service.
  • A 4% collection fee for receiving parents, deducted from their usual amount using the Collect & Pay service.
  • A range of enforcement charges for paying parents who fail to pay their child maintenance in full and on time.

There will be no collection fees for parents who work together to agree their own family based arrangement, or use Direct Pay.
Existing Child Support Agency (CSA) cases will begin to end later this year, and both parents will be given support to put a new arrangement in place. Parents will be encouraged to think about making their own family-based arrangement, while those who can’t will be able to apply to the Child Maintenance Service.

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    Nick Monday, 17 April 2017


    Hi do child maintenance consider or take into account that you are paying your childcare on the existing joint mortgage? What if the person who left the property to make life easier on the situation pays and always has paid the mortgage? I know a concerned dad, his ex is dreadful with money and if he didn't pay mortgage for her they would most likely have bad credit rating or be looking at the family home to be repossessed. He doesn't want to see his children without a roof over their heads so agreed to continue paying all the mortgage until the youngest is 18 then separate finances. She doesn't give him any money towards mortgage or rent for his half of the house. Because of tensions in the family home he rents a studio flat he sees his 4 children as much as he can but obviously as for staying overnight it's quite impossible. Does child maintenance take into consideration that he sees them takes them for meals, clothes, transport ect? Pays all the mortgage, he doesn't mind he wants to pay and see them as often as he can but can't afford maintenance too. But if he stops paying for the mortgage his children's future could be at risk. What's your advice on this situation?

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Guest Thursday, 22 October 2020

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