Dad embarrasses daughter by recreating selfies

Cassie Martin claims her dad ‘harasses her on social media’, but she still shared the pictures with her followers


Image: Twitter/CassandraOlay

Some say it is a dad’s job to embarrass their children, and in the digital age there are more ways than ever to do it.

Cassie Martin’s dad has found a novel way to mock her – by recreating her selfies. 

Chris goes as far as drawing fake versions of his daughter’s tattoos on his skin and even delicately wrapped some vines leaves around his head in the style of a Snapchat filter.

While Cassie may say she finds them embarrassing, that hasn’t stopped her from sharing them with her followers on Twitter.


Image: Twitter/CassandraOlay

It’s good-natured and judging by the comments on the photo many people love what her dad has done, calling him ‘awesome’, ‘gold’ and a ‘champ’.

While Cassie may be older, a study of 1,000 under 13’s by BBC Newsround found that 78% have social media profiles, even though they’re under the age limit for most of the websites.

The NSPCC has some advice for parents on how they should keep their kids safe online, such as making sure you have conversations about the internet and who they are speaking to. It also gives tips on how to block certain sites online and lots of advice on what all the different sites and apps are.

Chris may be on to a good thing, as in order to recreate the images he has to check up on his daughter’s profile, meaning he knows what she is sharing with people.

In a recent survey 61% of parents admitted to checking their children’s browsing history on the computer, with many even knowing their kids social media passwords.


Are you making sure you’re checking up on your kid’s social media profiles? Would you ever recreate their pictures for fun?  Let us know in the comments section.

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