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Treats for your pregnant lady



Having a baby can be hard work. She’ll be going through all sorts of changes not least giving up her favourite tipple and any hope of wearing clothes with a waist. Soften the blow with our top treats for mums-to-be…


Body beautiful… 

Many women are concerned about stretch marks and the market is flooded with products. Boots have a vast range of stretch marks preventatives; the Botanics which is vast and affordable, and you can add a personal touch by mixing your own aromatherapy oils. Get a base oil such as sweet almond oil and add essential oils such as Lavender oil and Neroli, although this must not be used after the first three months of pregnancy. 

You could opt for specially formulated stretch mark busters such as Bio Oil (£14.99 for 200ml). Pedicures are great for tired aching legs, and often really appreciated when she can’t reach her own toes! Again check Goodspaguide for local spas or go to her local beauty salon. 

Chocolate heaven… 

Pregnant women strangely do all seem to love chocolate.  There are affordable organic ranges such as, or why not go the whole hog with The Chocoholics Hamper. Lastly, remember it doesn’t have to be about the money. So do the hoovering, make dinner, give her a foot rub and a bunch of flowers and remember to tell her she’s beautiful! 

Your relationship when you have a baby


Updated: Oct 2017

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