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Can old dads teach us new fathers some tricks?



A Little Father’s Day Advice: Care Home Residents Share Words of Wisdom for New Dads and Dads-To-Be  

Four residents at Waterfield House care home in Ipswich have shared their words of wisdom for new fathers, and dads-to-be. 

96-year-old Ken Ralph has three children (all boys!). He shared the heart-warming advice of having a smile every day, and to “get plenty of sleep!”. His fondest memories of being a dad in his younger years was sharing his love for steam trains with his children – something which they enjoy to this day.  

From providing a secure and safe home to ensuring your children have a good education, they’ve shared their practical advice, based on decades of experience. With an average age of 90, residents have enthusiastically shared their best parenting advice:  

99-year-old Denys Gage said, “Don’t have any fears – it’s not as daunting as you think it will be! Above all, try to provide a secure and safe home for your children to grow up in.” Denys has two children and enjoys being a family man.  

Will Donnelly, Lottie’s Co-Founder and Care Expert, shares the surprising benefits of reminiscing in later life: “Reminiscing is such a great activity to do with your elderly loved ones, and benefits the whole family.  

79-year-old Michael Green has two children, and one granddaughter. He remembers one experience from when his children were younger, where his son got onto the roof and was running around. Luckily, he got him down safely! Michael’s advice for new dads and dads-to-be is to “make sure your children have a good education”.  

Make some memories this weekend

After remembering happy memories, you’ll find your older relative is often brighter and may smile more. Engaging in these types of conversations helps maintain balance, and it can even bring family members closer together. These past experiences that your elderly relative shares are valuable memories that can be passed onto future generations.” 

87-year-old Albert Wolton has four sons with his wife Betty, who have been married 50 years. Above all, he loved being a family man. In particular, he enjoyed looking after his boys when Betty went out to work in the evenings.  

Father’s Day Wisdom – Care home residents’ best advice for new dads: 

  1. Make sure they have a good education 
  1. Don’t have any fears about being a parent 
  1. Provide a secure and safe home 
  1. Have a smile everyday 
  1. Get plenty of sleep! 
  1. Always help your partner look after the children 
  1. Work together 

About the Author

Thanks so much to the Lottie care home residents for sharing their thoughts with us at, hope you have great Father’s Days.

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