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In an independently­-run survey of the education sector (with 104 responses to date), over 70% of teachers from around the UK have stated that they disagree with the government’s decision to lift the ban on opening more grammar schools in England


Furthermore, 50% of teachers have said that they would support abolishing the grammar school system from the UK altogether. The survey findings also conclude that over 60% of teachers believe that 11 is too young to sit an entrance exam.

“A child’s performance in a one­of exam should not determine the quality of education they receive. All children, regardless of ability, should be

exposed to high­quality teaching and challenging academic work.”

­ Survey Respondent

Theresa May plans to lift the cap on opening new grammar schools ­ a ban that was put in place by Tony Blair and the Labour Government in 1998.

While the public have to wait until Spring 2017 to hear the results of the government’s grammar school consultation and public opinion survey, Eduquip want to encourage teachers and education professionals to keep voicing their thoughts and opinions on this important issue.

Find out more about what the education sector thinks about grammar schools today by reading our research.

About Edu­quip

Edu­quip is the one­stop­shop for schools, colleges and universities, offering the latest and highest­quality educational furniture. Part of the Office Reality Group, Edu­quip have been acknowledged as a key supplier for many educational establishments across the UK. The team possess a wealth of experience and product knowledge, giving them the ability to meet the everyday requirements of students, teachers and various other educational departments within the education sector.

Edu­quip have conducted their own independent survey within the education sector and have received 104 responses to date (76% of which have worked directly with children as teachers).

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