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One million pupils have been on Google’s virtual school trips

Google’s virtual reality school trips programme has now reached one million pupils in the UK, the technology giant has revealed


The Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme uses the tech firm’s Cardboard virtual reality headsets to enable pupils and teachers to “visit” new locations without leaving the classroom.

Using the free Expeditions app, pupils are able to go on virtual reality tours of locations such as Loch Ness, which is among more than 600 tours the software offers.

The scheme was introduced to the UK last year and Google says it has now visited more than 3,000 schools in more than 430 towns and cities in the UK showcasing the technology, which features content created alongside the British Museum, English Heritage and Westminster Abbey.

Jon Duffy, a computer science teacher at Chesterfield High School in Liverpool said using Cardboard had helped enhance lessons for both pupils and teachers.

“Having access to that level of detail in an image – you just don’t normally get that kind of resource that’s already curated for the very purpose of teaching,” he said.

“It’s a tool that makes lesson planning easier and engages pupils right from the start.”

Google has said it will tour schools in the UK until the end of May.

Expeditions’ Georgina Grace said: “Ongoing feedback from teachers continues to help us improve the product, from building lessons tailored to the curriculum, to running teacher training events on how to incorporate Expeditions into effective lesson planning – working alongside teachers and students has helped ensure these experiences enhance student learning.”

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