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  • Guest
    M. Catcpole Monday, 10 October 2016


    Can anyone advise if Family Allowance has to be re-instated (CSA advised it had been stopped)for a parent to re- instate CSA payments after they were about to be stopped. The parent now claims, after finding out through a schedule sent in error (claim the csa) to us and her that she can claim till the young adult is 19. The young adult we know is working! The parent sees the money as her income. We have asked the csa to inquire course etc and believe she has to prove the same to the child benefit agency?? help

  • Guest
    Dr. Nigel Miles Wednesday, 14 June 2017

    Consent orders not on maintenance

    I need advice ref a consent order. On divorce my ex requested her solicitor to make suggestions. She will not talk to me under any circumstances because of her DSM5 condition which makes her vulnerable to being pushed into making decisions which she might not like and having to act on a balanced response. Hence my 16 and 12 yr old sons have been alienated (yes the Woodall and Childress clearly defined meaning), i.e. "past the tipping point" for nearly five years.
    In Nov 2015 our divorce was finalised but with NO written consent order from the Court. I have attempted to contact my ex wife but she ignores my contact by any means.
    The house we lived in was repossessed; it was her property which I gave her as a gift after marriage (she is from Lithuania and had nothing prior to our marriage). Sadly she has a debt of about £35,000 but I had my oil paintings which were worth slightly more than this which she might attempt to sell to lower her debt.
    Which form do I apply to the Court to put these facts forward and present a case for a consent order.
    Long winded I realise, but there are so many Court forms I would ask you as you are professional in such matters.
    Thank you,
    Nigel Miles

  • Guest
    Rachael Monday, 02 October 2017

    Judge ignores Section 7 recommendations

    I'm posting on behalf of my brother-in-law, who has a tempoary Child Arrangements Order following ongoing, serios risks posed by the mother of his youngest child (18 months old). There were concerns raised prior to my nehew's birth in regards to Mum's drug misuse and Mental Health, and lack of parenting skills. In a nutshell, we were at Court today, and the Judge completely ignored all the risks highlighted by my nephew's Social Worker and the recommendation that my brother-in-law has my nephew full-time and that Mum has supervised contact.
    The Judge focussed on the untrue allegations of Domestic Violence made by Mum - in fact, my brother-in-law is the victim and she is the perpetrator.
    Another temp. CA Order has been made so my nephew stays put for the time being, but Mum has been granted unsupervised contact despite admitting she continues to use Class A drugs and doesn't engage with professionals.
    Has anyone experienced anything similar? And any advice on how my brother-in-law should proceed and how I can best support him will be most gratefully reieved.

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Guest Sunday, 09 August 2020

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