It’s time to send some chills down the children's book spines with some horrors for Halloween

Monsters Love Undies

Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort 

Your copy of Aliens Love Underpants showing signs of overuse? Then here’s the perfect opportunity to update the action with the latest hilarious book in the series that has inspired the fabulous theatre show. With shaggy marauding critters in a range of undergarments, it’s guaranteed to leave your own little monsters helpless with horrible laughter. 

Simon & Schuster. Age: 3+ 


The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

Set in an imagined England in 1832, a newly opened Channel Tunnel has given rise to packs of ravaging, migrating wolves from Europe and Russia.  Newly orphaned Sylvia is sent to Willoughby Hall – her first terrifying encounter with a wild wolf on the train sets the tone for the rest of the book. A classic that still has the power to enthrall.

Red Fox. Age: 8+


Horrid Henry's Ghosts
A Horrid Factbook: Horrid Henry’s Ghosts by Francesca Simon, illustrated by Tony Robinson

If your lot don't go a bundle on stories but do like a gruesome fact, this is their Halloween treat. Illustrated by the brilliant Tony Ross, you can be sure there’s plenty of fun to complement the horrible truths and nasty detail that kids find so fascinating.

Orion. Age 8+


Mountwood School for Ghosts

Mountwood School for Ghosts by Toby Ibbotson

Based on a outline by the late award-winning author Eva Ibbotson, her son Toby takes up the baton and weaves a deliciously creepy school story where fun and magic are high on the curriculum. Some of the teaching staff such as the Legless Warrior and Vera the Banshee aren’t up to scratch when it comes to haunting, but then two children arrive seeking their help.

 Macmillan. Age: 8+ 

Thirteen Chairs

Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton

When Jack finds himself attracted to an empty house, he discovers a dark room with 12 creepy figures seated round a table. The thirteenth place is occupied by a pale, luminous man who invites them all to share their creepy stories, each more ghastly than the last. It all comes to a spine-tingling conclusion when Jack is asked to tell his tale…

David Fickling Books. Age: 9+


Space Jackers

Space Jackers by Huw Powell
Abandoned as a baby, Jake Cutler sets off in search off his destiny in the company of a ship full of ruthless space pirates. Think Treasure Island meets Star Wars (with a touch of Pirates of the Caribbean thrown in for good measure) and you’ll guess how much fun and entertainment this debut novel offers.

Bloomsbury. Age: 9+ 

Charlie Higson's The Hunted

The Hunted by Charlie Higson
For fans of zombie fiction, Charlie Higson’s latest installment in The Enemy series is sure to satisfy. Adults over 14 have been struck by the sickness that turns them into rampant zombies – sickos – and it’s left to the kids to use their ingenuity and intelligence to work out a survival plan. Ella discovers that being outside London doesn’t mean there are any guarantees of safety, but Ed is determined to find her.

Penguin. Age: 13+ 

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