Paint, make and create sets for kids

From paints to papier-mâché, there are so many ways kids can get creative during the school holidays. Let their creative juices run forth with these natty arty-crafty sets…

Say it in 3D

Make sure your kids are prepared well in advance for Father's Day with this nifty card-making kit. Everything your budding designers need is in the box. First, they choose a design to pop into the card-maker machine, and then watch the magic that turns them into motion and morphing pictures. Once the image has gone all 3D, they can attach it to one of the greeting card templates, and decorate with the supplied stickers. All that’s left to do then is write messages inside, declaring how completely ace Dad is. 

Studio 3D Card Maker (ages 6+): £16.99.

Awesomely Horrible stuff

If your kids are fans of Terry Deary’s brilliant Horrible Histories books – which engage children in history by highlighting the unusual and thoroughly unpleasant aspects of the past – this is the set for them. History buffs can trace or stick some of the cruelest characters from the past onto postcards or posters, then decorate them with the paints, pens and even wiggly eyes. This grisly set is packed with stuff, including an art pad, watercolour paint tray, 60 stickers, 60 wiggly eyes, 10 postcards (with five different designs), six paint pens, five markers, four metallic paints, three stencil sheets and a paintbrush. Plenty to keep your gruesome designers going well past Easter!

Horrible Histories Awesome Art Set (ages 6+): £14.99. 


Crafty Creatures

Whether a skilled sculptor or still getting to grips with sticky tape, these funky decoupage activity kits will keep little hands busy (and messy, but that’s half the fun!). Whether they go for the green dino or the pink horse, everything needed to create a knock-out piece of crafting can be found in the bag – including papier-mâché animal, decorative papers, glue, paint, brush, sparkly decorations, felt, and step-by-step instructions. So you can sit back and relax with the newspaper, while your kids get stuck in to painting the papier-mâché. 

Decoupage Dinosaur / Horse Papier-Mache Activity Kit (age 8+): £8.99.


Diamonds are a fairy’s best friend

If you’re the doting dad of any little ladies, you’ll know they’d give their milk teeth to get their hands on this Fairy Jewellery Set. Containing stick-on gems, all kinds of cute and shiny beads, silky cord, elastic and glitter fairy stickers, there’s everything needed to create a whole range of sparkly bracelets and necklaces fit for a fairy (or mum / sister / best friend / dad who’s doesn’t mind wearing a spot of sparkle). Of course, jewels as stunning as these need to be displayed appropriately, which is where the wooden tree (aka jewellery stand) comes in – but first it needs to be painted and decorated with the six acrylic paints and stick-on gems supplied. Just accept that you’re likely to be given a shiny pink bracelet at some point, which you will be expected to wear proudly – and in public – for the whole week.

Galt Fairy Jewellery Set (ages 5+): £10.99.


Move over, Banksy

You know those cans of spray paint that little oiks use to draw rude pictures on bridges, signed with a ‘tag’? Well, these BLO pens are a bit like those – the intsy-winsy difference being that kids have to use their own puff to spray the paint, and they do it on paper, not sueprmarket walls. The pens are an ingenious way for your little graffiti artists to play with texture and colour, while controlling the angle and airflow strength to create some really cool effects. The range includes Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, Cars and our personal favourite, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Containing 10 BLO pens, six reusable stencils, 10 sheets of paper and three activities, the BLO activity sets will keep your budding Banksy’s out of mischief… for now.

John Adams Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BLO Pens Activity Set (ages 4+): £14.99.


Just add water

If the artists in your house think pens are a bit passé, this Aquabeads set should impress, enabling them to make beautiful creations with a just a spray of water. How? Well, you pick a template design (there are four in the set) and use the specially designed layout tray to place your jewel beads in position, then spray with water and the beads magically stick together to form mini masterpieces. The templates can be used again and again, and once you get the hang of it, you can come up with your own designs – say, a whopping big red heart with ‘DAD ROCKS’ on it. Instructions are included in the set, but click here to watch a how-to Aqua Beads video, download templates and even play bead-inspired games. 

Aquabeads Jewel Rainblow Pen Station (ages 4+): £19.99. 

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