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Top 10 Coolest Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Choosing the right present for your kids at Christmas can be a minefield, thanks to the seemingly ever-changing lists of what’s hot and what’s not. To give you a head start, we’ve enlisted the help of Jenk Oz – the 12-year-old CEO and ‘Curator of Cool’ of iCoolKid, the largest UK website for 8-15 year olds – who shares 10 top gift ideas that are guaranteed to get you heaps of kudos with your kids… 

Tatty Devine Personalised Necklaces 

“The Candy Grabber is one of my favourite toy gadgets this year. It’s a great game which you can either play using plastic coins, or real ones – inserting one coin gives you one minute on the clock to grab as much candy as possible. I imagine all the family will want to get involved in playing with this – so it’s a good pressie for everyone to enjoy together on Christmas Day.”

MenKind, £24.99 

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

“The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer will be the perfect present for anyone who (a) loves taking photos and (b) is inseparable from their phone. It’s a really clever, compact printer which lets you print all of the amazing pictures from your phone and, because its pocket- sized, you can literally take it anywhere with you! Great for personalising bedroom walls, notebooks, pencil cases and accessories.”

Currys, £119.99

Nintendo Switch 

“The reason Nintendo Switch is so popular at the moment is because… it’s amazing! If you are looking for a gift that will really get the thumbs up, then this is the one. It’s a very expensive option, but comes with three different play modes (portable, TV and tabletop) and will keep the owner occupied for hours. I love it because I can use it to play my favourite games like Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda, and Mario Kart.

Tesco, £269.99

Retro Receiver

“The Retro Receiver is ‘a blast from the past’ which offers a fun, quirky way to answer the phone. What’s great about it is that it’s so easy to set up, you simply plug it into your audio jack, and away you go! It’s a cool and stylish gift which would make a brilliant stocking filler for your kids.”

Amazon, £20

Taylor Swift / Harry Styles Colour Book 


“If anyone in your family is a massive fan of Taylor Swift and/or Harry Styles then why not buy them a colouring book, dedicated to the stars? Again, perfect for a fun and unique stocking filler, these colouring books will be a great gift for those passionate about music OR, creative types who will enjoy staying within the lines.”

WHSmith, £8.50

Jenk Oz is Britain’s youngest CEO, and is the ‘Curator of Cool’ of iCoolKid, the largest UK website for 8-15 year olds. Find more great content for your tweens and teens at

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