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What They Wheely Want For Christmas

When it comes to the main-event Xmas prezzie, one kind will always be a winner – and that’s a shiny new set of wheels. Whether a bike, a scooter or go-kart, these street-cool models will be the ‘Wow’ moment of any kids’ Christmas morning …


Top of the two-wheelers…

Sir Hoy’s seal of approval

You can’t get much better than a bike designed with Sir Chris Hoy, and the youngest junior Hoys, the Bonaly 16, comes in orange, just like Hoy’s first track bike! This simple go-anywhere ride is ideal for your nipper’s first bike sans stabilisers or for moving onto after a balance bike. It all starts with shorter cranks than most children’s bikes are commonly specified with. This and the rigid forks used means you can drop the frame / bottom bracket nice and low to make the frame as stable and manageable as possible for pint-sized riders. Proper bearings, a single gear and light-integrated headsets make for a neat, petit look. Plus, there’s a handy grab-rail on the saddle in case Dad needs to help out when little legs get tired.
HOY Bonaly 16” Kids Bike (age 5+): £220.


Cycles with curve appeal

What makes the Electra bikes stand out from the pack isn’t just their incredible good looks (featuring everything from cute cupcakes to grinning sharks), but their clever Flat Foot Technology. This nifty bit of design ensures proper leg extension and no tippy-toe stops, so kids can focus on the fun of the ride. The thoughtfully designed kid-sized saddles, handlebars and grips, meanwhile, help ensure a good, comfy fit for little hands and bottoms, while the frame design offers the adjustability to accommodate those haphazard growth spurts. The bikes may not be the lightest on the kiddy market, but they ooze quality and robustness, and have a retro look that kids and dads alike will enjoy posing with at the local park!
Soft Serve 16” and Tiger Shark 20” (age 5+): £250 and £350.


Top of the three-wheelers…

The one with buckets of awards 

With over one million children in the UK riding scooters, it’s fair to say it’s a very popular way to travel to school for many kids. And the Micro Scooter is one of the coolest – and safest – set of wheels to go for. Thanks to their durability, performance and safety, as well as their awesome designs, these scooters have won buckets of awards, which helps to explain why they’re a winner with everyone from toddlers to grandparents – even Kirstie Allsopp and Hugh Jackman have been spotted with one! The Maxi Micro model shown here is ideal for six to 12-year olds, and has an adjustable handlebar, meaning it’s a scooter that happily grows as its owner does. And to top it off, designer dads can now get in on the act and help create a bespoke Maxi Micro scooter for their lucky off-spring – choosing everything from the colour of the handle grips right down to the brake. A very nice touch.
Maxi Micro Scooter (age 6 to 12): from £99.95.


The three-in-one 

Now this is a nifty idea. Rather than dragging your kids along to Nan’s whilst carrying umpteen boxes of Chrimbo prezzies, why not get your offspring to help share the load and simultaneously stop those ‘Are we there yet?’s in their tracks? Can’t be done? Well, doubting dads, say hello to Flyte – a scooter-come suitcase-come trolley, all in one colourful package. The brainchild of inventor dad Simon, Flyte lets kids travel in a fun way, whilst also giving them the space to take along all of their travel essentials (usually half their toy cupboard). Packaged up in a soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase, Flyte is also a safe scooter little travellers can zip around the world on. Perfectly sized for stowing on a plane or under the stairs at Nan’s, the case is secured to the front of the scooter while the footplate can be quickly folded for storage within the case.  Genius, eh?
Flight Midi (age 4–8): £69.99.


Top of the four-wheelers…

Retro classic with mod cons

Ahh, this one is sure to make your own dad go all misty-eyed. The design of Kiddimoto’s BoxKart harks back to the simple good looks of the original soap-box racers that used to rule the hills of Blighty. Luckily for your kids’ comfort and safety, the BoxKart brings the design roaring up to date with pneumatic tyres, a proper working brake and a solid birch plywood frame. What’s more, your dear ol’ dad will get to relive his boyhood days, as the BoxKart is fully adjustable, making it suitable for six year olds to grand folks alike, bringing the whole family together when building and racing it. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about…
Gulf Oil BoxKart (age 6+): £124.99.


The groovy go-kart

This Sixties-looking go-kart couldn’t look more different to the one above, taking its design cues from the cosmos. The PlasmaCar is an innovative, ride-on that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction and good ol-fashioned kid power! Its sleek, aerodynamic design allows boy and girl racers to reach an exhilarating speed of 10km – that’s six miles an hour for those of us born pre-metric times. And it’s another go-kart that all shapes, sizes and ages can ride (within reason, of course – not sure your 90-year-old aunty would be too keen). All that’s needed is a smooth, flat surface, fast legs and a need for speed!
PlasmaCar (age 3+): £44.99.











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