Eat like a Scandi and feel the health benefits

Farmed salmon is one of the most popular fish eaten in the UK, and a great way to get kids to boost their oily fish intake which can help maintain a healthy heart and brain 


Often referred to as a superfood, Norwegian salmon is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and vitamins A and D. And it’s not just fresh salmon that can pack in the health benefits, canned salmon is another easy option to get a quick brain-power boost onto your plate. A 100g serving of salmon contains around 231 calories and 25g protein, but it is the high omega-3 that has the biggest draw. Studies have linked salmon intake to reduced occurrence of heart disease, many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and even declining eye health.

Get cooking

If you’re put off by the rich taste of salmon, try brushing fillets with a flavour rich curry paste before roasting until cooked through, or rub the flesh with lemon zest and lots of pepper. If you want to avoid the distinctive salmon smell filling your kitchen and house, wrap skinless fillets in baking paper lined foil to make a sealed parcel then bake or cook in a dry frying pan for eight to 10 minutes, turning once. All the smells with be trapped inside and you’ll have extra juicy fillets as a result.

Canned salmon makes a great addition to risottos with a few handfuls of frozen peas, or swap it in place of tuna for your favourite pasta bake. Frozen salmon fillets make a great freezer standby, simmer from frozen in a tomatoey pasta sauce and serve with new potatoes or pasta twist for an effortless dinner.

Just three portions of oily fish a week will help keep your body topped up with omega-3 fatty acids, so there’s no need to reach for the supplements.

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