The best curries from around the world (in your kitchen)

It may be one of the UK’s favourite dishes, but let’s face it, the tikka masala is a tad overdone. travels the globe in search of a new curry fix...


Brazil may not be the obvious place for a curry, but My Secret Kitchen have created Moqueca Curry Paste, (£5.49, 180g, a blend of coconut, spices and authentic dende oil. Smooth and intense, it makes a great curry base, or add to fish or chicken stews with peppers and courgettes for a light, spicy dish. It even makes a great dip when stirred into mayo or Greek yogurt.



Jambalaya isn’t just a fun word, it’s a pretty fun dish too. A Cajun-style mishmash of rice, chicken and seafood with a few veggies thrown in for good measure (or as with many great dishes, you can add whatever you like!). Tesco have taken out the hard work with Tesco Ingredients Jambalaya Curry Paste, (£1.99, 190g). Each pack has a simple recipe, so you can add your own flourish with some chopped chorizo or juicy scallops.



Not all curries need to pack a punch, so if you’re catering for more sensitive palates, opt for a katsu curry. Waitrose Cooks’ Recipe Kit Katsu Curry (£3.99) contains panko breadcrumbs to coat chicken, turkey or salmon, a mild creamy katsu curry sauce and a sachet of spicy gochujang chilli paste to add at the table if you want your tongue tickled with heat.



Africa may not be the obvious destination on the global curry map, but the aromatic and peppery blend of spices in Bart Blends Baharat (£3.99, 65g, major supermarkets) is a welcome change. Use the dry spice mix as a rub for meat or fish before roasting or grilling, or for a warming curried stew, fry off some onions until soft, add Baharat to taste, chopped root veggies, canned chickpeas and stock and simmer until tender.



Head to Jamaica and you’ll automatically think of curried goat, but try using a jar of Walkerswood West Indian Curry Paste (around £2.49, 190g, major supermarkets and Caribbean grocers) to make a range of peppery dishes. Use as a base with coconut milk and simmer chicken, lamb or beef, to create deliciously aromatic curries. It’s pretty darn spicy, so go easy, and certainly add Scotch bonnet chillies at your own risk!



Rice for breakfast might not seem the obvious choice unless it snaps, crackles and pops, but in Malaysia, Nasi Goreng is pretty much the staple morning fuel. A great way to use up leftover rice, meat, or vegetables, it makes an easy speedy dish any time of the day. Malay Taste Nasi Goreng Paste (£2.69, 185g, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose) is a fragrant blend of onion, tomato, chilli and garlic and perfect for pepping up stir-fries too. 



Sometimes we all need a good cheat, and once in a while there’s nothing wrong with that. Our Little Secret Fiery Kadhai Dine In Kit (around £4.19, 550g, Morrisons) contains a dry spice sachet to go with your chosen meat, fish or veggies, a flavour paste sachet and a sauce sachet, so you’re strictly still doing all the cooking. You even get a pack of ready-to-heat rice. The kadhai has a definite kick, so have a glass of water ready.


And make your own Thai....

If Thai is your thing, try making your own curry paste, it’s seriously easy, and once you’ve whizzed everything up, you can freeze portions ready for your next green curry, massaman or creamy laksa. In a food processor, throw four green chillies, three shallots, two sticks lemongrass, 30g root ginger, 25g bunch coriander (stalks and leaves), the zest and juice of two limes, three cloves garlic, 2tsp sugar and 2tbsp fish sauce or soy sauce. This will make enough for two curries for four people.

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