'Down there' care

It's time to give your undercarriage a bit of TLC...


The male grooming industry has never been bigger, and while we may spend more time preening our faces and making sure our underarms are deodorised, there are often a few parts that get neglected. Yep, it’s time to talk about balls.

A squeeze of shower gel and the occasional bit of manscaping may be all the attention your crown jewels usually get, but if you want to go the extra mile, we have the answer.

Below The Belt Grooming has launched three products to help take care of your tackle. Fresh & Dry Balls (£6.95, 75ml, btbgrooming.co.uk) works like an antiperspirant, perfect for days when you’ve a long journey to contend with or you’re stuck in the office.

If you’re heading out straight from work and want to freshen up quickly without the time for a wash, Waterless Shower (£6.95, 100ml, stockist as before) is just the trick. It cleanses as you apply, and with no need to rinse it makes a perfect travel essential for festivals or your work bag.

Chafing is never a pleasant experience, especially in the groin region. Saturday morning runs, the cycle to work, or a quick game of five-a-side with the wrong type of undies on can all cause a problem. A smear of Sports Lubricant (£7.95, 100ml, stockist as before) on your inner thigh or any other chafe-prone places should help prevent any potential discomfort, and ensure you're a happy chappy all day long. 


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