Five safest cars for 17 year olds

Insurance isn't cheap, and neither are cars, so it'll probably be Dad who foots the bill for your children's first car. Here's how to get a good deal and stay safe...

Starting out on the road is an expensive affair. There’s no hiding from the fact that a teenager costs a lot of money to insure, with quotes over £5,000 a year being regarded as perfectly normal.

The sad fact is that it’s rarely the car that causes the high premiums, but that teenagers simply do have more accidents than other drivers. Blame it on inexperience or youthful exuberance, either way the end result is a large premium.

Instead, concentrate on finding the safest car and accept that you’ll be bankrupted by the insurance companies. To help you find the right car, here are the five cheapest cars on sale to get a full five stars from safety assessors EuroNCAP.

5. Hyundai i30 – from £12,995

There’s a lot to like about the i30, with its spacious cabin and decent quality interior. It also rides well and there’s plenty of equipment provided as standard. However, it’s not much fun to drive and lacks the street cred teenagers will desire.

4. Peugeot 208 – from £11,695

Chic styling and a funky interior with a tiny steering wheel means the 208 should be well liked by teenagers, especially as there’s now a range of special paint finishes available. However, the handling and ride is a little disappointing, while that funky cabin has a few practical issues.

Peugeot’s excellent Just Add Fuel programme will appeal to those nudging 18 though – you pay a fixed cost each month, and that includes insurance, maintenance and tax.

3. Renault Clio – from £11,145

Renault hasn’t quite managed to get the Clio riding as well as it could, but there’s a charm to the French motor that some others lack. There’s plenty of style, while higher spec models also include an excellent touch-screen infotainment unit.

2. Skoda Fabia – from £10,600

This is about as good as it gets for small cars. The new Fabia is an excellent proposition that offers plenty of space, economical engines, lots of toys and all at a good price. It’s not too exciting on the inside, but there are some funky personalisation options for the exterior, so you’ll have no trouble standing out from the crowd.

1. Ford Fiesta – from £10,145

One of the most fun cars to drive of any size, the Fiesta is the nation’s favourite car for a reason. There’s plenty of style on the outside, although the inside is beginning to look a little dated now. Only a short standard equipment list lets the side down, but you’ll find big discounts at Ford dealers which might make up for that.

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