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Kids design the Car of the Future

Think all cars look the same? That won’t be a problem in the future…

As we start the new year, we’re looking to the future, wondering if it can be any better/worse than 2017. The car industry will be facing a tough time, but the long-term looks safe thanks to some designs for future generations of cars that commissioned. From kids.

Primary school children were asked to draw their own vision of the car of the future, and those designs were then handed to a professional illustrator to bring them to life.

Interestingly, each design shared some common themes, chief amongst them an eco-friendly perspective. Many of the designs are intended to run on alternative energy sources such as hydroelectricity, solar power, and even chocolate. Energy use is limited further by avoiding traffic jams through techniques such as flying or travelling along the ocean floor.

There’s some cutting edge technology in place to, including touch-screen doors, rainbow headlights and colour-changing metal.

The Beast Racer 210 by Harnitha, 11.

This dragon-like car has wings for ‘hover flight’ mode and an anchor hidden in the car’s tail. The vehicle functions on land or water and has a heat-proof chassis which glows in the dark.

Rainbow Convertible 3000 by Charlotte, 12.

The Rainbow Convertible 3000 functions as a home as well as a car, and has large wings enabling it to fly and avoid traffic jams.

Candy Robo Car by Isla, 6.

The Candy Robo Car allows you to drive on whichever side of the car you wish and has a robot assistant on-board to help you. The car is fuelled by chocolate and has a peaceful garden on the roof.

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