Customising: An Easy Way to Your Dream Car

Looking to upgrade your car? Don't just settle for a set of new summer tyres. Your vehicle can be as unique as you are, and modern tuning services and modifications allow you to enjoy a ride that's fully suited to your needs and style. From upgrading to run-flat tyres to updating the upholstery, customising your car can make it safer and slicker-looking at the same time. Here's how...

1. Run-flat tyres

If your car is compatible with the run-flat technology, upgrading to run-flat tyres is the best thing you can do for your safety. The tyre’s ability to operate after partial or total loss of inflation due to a puncture gives you the chance to get to the nearest repair shop safely. You'll get up to 50 extra miles (at a speed no higher than 50mph) without having to make an unpleasant tyre change in uncomfortable conditions, and you'll enjoy perfect handling until you arrive at your repair destination, too.

2. Alloy wheels and rims

The time when wheels made of aluminium (or magnesium) alloys were available only for luxury cars has passed. Now even budget-car owners can enjoy their benefits such as a more stylish look, better heat dissipation, grip and suspension performance, enhanced braking, and remarkable fuel economy. They're also less prone to corrosion, which makes them a perfect option for the winter season.

3. Re-upholstery and styling

You spend a lot of time in your car, so why not change the boring interior for something cool and uplifting? How about a new colour theme? Start with replacing your old seat covers and consider buying a dashboard trim kit to complement the new style. You could go for noble wood grain or other effects – it’s up to you to decide. Customising the door pillars is a nice touch too, and there are plenty of exterior trim kits available, from stainless steel to bright, bold colours.

4. Headlights

You don’t necessarily have to wait until your headlights become discoloured from the sun or simply worn out by wear and tear to replace them. Even if your headlights are in a good condition, but you're fed up with seeing cars that look exactly like yours every day, think about upgrading to custom headlights which will add a unique touch to your car. Different lights are available now including projector beams, LEDs, and halos, but when choosing, try to stick to your car’s ‘geometry’ to make sure your vibe will definitely be more stylish than 'speed-boy' (unless that's what you're going for, in which case, don't forget the under-car fluorescent illuminations too). Happy driving! 

You'll find tyres, rims and other accessories for customising your car or motorbike at

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