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Christmas List – The Best Books of 2015

All nice (with a dash of naughty)

You’ve a week of shopping left and you just know that you’ve forgotten something. You’ve bought Great Aunt Beryl her copy of Call of Duty: Blood Fist and young Lionel has that fruity Mapplethorpe print for his dungeon wall but… Oh no! Cousin Matilda! There’s no way you can import her specialist potato vodka in time for the big day! So what can you buy her?

Feed an author, they’re always hungry, buy her a book.

Here’s our suggested top picks from this year:

Haterz by James Goss

(Original review). James Goss’ novel of a serial killer targeting people through the Internet is still the read of the year as far as we’re concerned. Clever, witty and simply perfect.

Solaris Books, available now.




Dust and Desire by Conrad Williams

(Original review) If Cousin Matilda finds the Internet confusing (and judging by her infrequent Facebook posts shouting at passing memes she does) then give her this as well. Darker, but no less witty and beautifully written.

Titan Books, available now.




The Sand Men by Christopher Fowler

(Original review) Perhaps a dollop of Dubai heat to dispel those cold winds and lazy sleet. Fowler’s neat and inventive novel will save dearest Matilda a couple of quid on the gas fire.

Solaris Books, available now.




The Night Clock by Paul Meloy

(Original review) If Matilda’s got the teeth for it, Meloy’s novel will give her something to take the taste of the festive crystallised fruit away. Surreal, terrifying and sure to linger on the palate, people nonetheless still buy crystallised fruit at Christmas.

Solaris Books, available now.




Trees by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard

(Original review) Or maybe Matilda would like to look at some pretty pictures? In which case give her a copy of Ellis and Howard’s brain-expanding Trees, a rich and immersive sci-fi trip that needs no tinsel and fairy lights to sparkle.

Image Comics, available now.



Wytches by Scott Snyder and Jock

(Original review) Or Wytches, the dark and beautiful horror tale from Snyder and Jock that will have her chucking her Norwegian spruce down the waste chute on the off chance it has monsters in it.

Image Comics, available now.




Leytonstone by Stephen Volk

(Original review) Is she a fan of Alfred Hitchcock? If not she doesn’t deserve a present anyway, certainly not one as fabulous as Volk’s masterful novella.

Spectral Publishing, available now.





Cannonbridge by Jonathan Barnes

(Original review) Finally, we mustn’t forget this wonderful puzzle box of a novel from Jonathan Barnes, as Matilda’s as fictional as Matthew Cannonbridge may be she may be able to relate.

Solaris Books, available now.

(As a bonus act of kindness, do send everyone at Solaris Books a Christmas card, it’s with something approaching awe I notice they clearly won publishing in 2015.)

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