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Brand new Shrek Adventure comes to London

Shrek’s Adventure! London set to open July 2015 in County Hall on the capital’s South Bank


The fully immersive walk-and-ride indoor attraction is a completely new misadventure that will take guests on a fantastical DreamWorks ‘tour’ combining ten laugh-out-loud live shows and iconic sets from the Shrek film franchise with captivating storytelling, an amazing 4D ride, dramatic special effects and extraordinary DreamWorks animation.

Want to know more? Well, the people behind the new attraction give us a blow-by-blow account of what we – ahem, I mean, our kids – can expect to see when the doors finally open this summer…

All aboard for a hilarious misadventure

From magical crystal balls, to magic portals, smelly swamps and more laughs than you can shake a Magic Mirror at, there is never a dull moment on this journey of mayhem and misadventure. From the minute guests pass through the DreamWorks Tours Departure Gates the tone is set with a chattering headless knight in shining armour and a stunning full size replica of Shrek and Fiona’s Onion Carriage – complete with a very mischievous and talkative passenger onboard. After a briefing from the Head Tour Guide passengers are ushered into the boarding area… where the calamity begins.

Magic 4D bus ride

Princess Fiona sets the scene for a magical journey as guests board a special tour bus – destination Far Far Away.  Best not get too settled though as Donkey’s in the driving seat and this is no ordinary bus but an amazing 4D ride.   Combining state of the art technology, brand new DreamWorks 3D animation and multi-sensory special effects guests are in for the bus ride of their lives. As the vehicle soars above the London skyline and its iconic landmarks they will embark on a fantastical ride into another realm with favourite DreamWorks characters whizzing by. But Donkey’s erratic driving causes some hair-raising moments as the bus is catapulted into Far Far Away airspace and a catastrophic crash landing in Shrek’s Swamp leaves furious Rumpelstiltskin a witch down and hell bent on revenge.

Lost in the swamp

There’s no going back now and guests must embark on a quest to find Shrek as only he can help them home. First stop is the Ogre’s very own dank, squelchy, smelly Swamp complete with Beware Ogre signs and Ogre-sized toilet.  But Shrek’s not at home and Cinderella is housesitting. Expect some joke-packed story telling laced with explosive surprises as the down on her luck ex-fairy tale Princess explains to guests just what they have to do to escape Rumpelstiltskin and get far far away from Far Far Away.

Spooky Forest and Rumplestiltskin’s Carriage

After negotiating their way through the spooky forest guests find themselves right inside Rumpelstiltskin’s carriage with spectacular domed roof, flickering candles and a gigantic crystal ball presided over by fortune teller Esmeralda. Guests will need to convince the money-grabbing soothsayer to summon up her magic and use her crystal ball to help them on their way. If they do they will be rewarded with a message from Shrek telling them where to go next… but watch out, Rumpelstiltskin and his witches are in hot pursuit.

The Poison Apple pub

The favoured haunt of villains, assassins and fairy-tale characters gone bad, The Poison Apple Pub is the place to go to uncover secret information. Ugly Sister and landlady, Doris, can help guests on their quest but she needs the assistance of Puss In Boots. The famously fearless feline hero appears in animated form in this show, which merges live action with groundbreaking technology and high impact special effects. Amazing projection techniques bring Puss to life in jaw-dropping realism as he emerges from the darkness to ‘cough up’ a critical clue before any of the Poison Apple regulars stumble in for a “cheeky half”.

Over the Rickety Bridge to the Game Show Studio

Armed with Puss In Boot’s clue guests must make their way over the Rickety Bridge with volcanic lava beneath to get to the Game Show Studio where Rumpelstiltskin’s horrid henchman, Thelonius, is hosting a high stakes contest. The audience must take their seats and play the game to save Pinocchio from a grizzly fate and collect the next item needed for their quest. With the wooden boy suspended on a deadly rigged ‘Wheel of Torture’ right before their eyes, guests have to answer every one of Thelonius’ questions correctly to save the puppet – and themselves. But be warned this is no ordinary Game Show, it’s a magical, DreamWorks Game Show with some hilarious, edge of the seat surprises guaranteed!

The Magic Mirror Maze

If guests can win the game show their next task is to get through the Magic Mirror Maze and find the Muffin Man’s house. This discombobulating maze is made even more confusing by Lord Farquaad’s spiteful Magic Mirror, which will tease and misdirect at every twist and turn. Luckily Shrek and Donkey know the way through and will do their best to help guests to safety and the next stage of their quest.
Down Drury Lane to the Muffin Man’s House

Tiny Gingy the Gingerbread Man is on hand to guide guests along Drury Lane and into the Muffin Man’s House where he is stirring up a magical concoction in his giant bubbling cauldron. With the addition of special items collected by guests on their quest this mixture could cook up a way home and, when Donkey makes a surprise appearance and throws the final ingredient into the elixir, a powerful spell is unleashed and a magic portal revealed.

The Magic Portal

With a cry of “Courage” the Muffin Man escorts guests into the heart of the Magic Portal with the strict instruction to stay within its protective circle. A wind picks up and the room comes alive, spinning and twisting with lights swirling as a tornado of magic gradually builds and engulfs guests. Suddenly, the movement stops and the light returns but the portal is faulty and guests are still far, far from home. Luckily help is at hand as a cloaked Princess Fiona steps out of the shadows to lead guests onwards.

Trapped in the prison

Guests take a much-needed seat to recover from the power of the Magic Portal but quickly realize they have been tricked and trapped by Rumpelstilskin. In a show stopping finale it’s up to Shrek to save the day and help everyone find their inner ogres to blow down the prison walls and return home.

Welcome back… the the Arrivals Hall

Having escaped Rumplestiltkin’s clutches, guests finally find their way back… to end up in the DreamWorks Tours Arrivals Hall. But that’s not the end of the journey as awaiting them is a colourful line up of other DreamWorks favourites featured in themed areas bringing to life the worlds of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. Guests can get up close to amazingly detailed life size figures of key characters in evocative sets. Meet Madagascar’s fun loving Zebra Marty before he gets fired from his circus cannon, hang out with the Penguins in their airplane and see if you are strong enough to give glamorous hippo Gloria a lift! From Kung Fu Panda, hero Po is waiting for guests to hone their martial arts skills with him, or they can balance plates with Mr Ping in his noodle bar. Then it’s time to put on your best Berkian armour, look to the skies and marvel at a gigantic model of a flying Toothless with Hiccup standing proudly on his majestic Dragon’s back.
Shrek’s Adventure! London opens in July 2015 in County Hall on London’s South Bank close to the London Eye and the London Dungeon. Tickets for adults start from £23.40, and from £18.72 for children. Tickets are on sale now.

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