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Six Family Films for Autumn Half-Term

Chilly autumn days offer the perfect excuse to head to the cinema, and luckily there are loads of great films coming out this Autumn that kids, teens and grown-ups will love. Our friends at KidRated – the website where all the reviews are done by kids to help families make more informed choices – share their top five…


In this fun, family film, the storks of the title no longer deliver babies, they deliver packages for a global internet retail company. So when the company’s top delivery stork Junior – voiced by Andy Samberg – decides to make an unauthorised drop of a new baby girl, he find himself in deep water. Also starring the vocal talents of Jennifer Aniston and Kelsey Grammar, Storks is brought to you by the talented team behind the popular LEGO movies, who know how to keep kids happy. 

Kids will love: The fact that it’s in 3D.

Parents will love: The recognisable voices of the all-star cast.

Out: 14th October


A brilliantly animated tale from Shrek creators, DreamWorks, featuring the iconic toys with the very silly hair. Fast-paced and very funny, Trolls will entertain you as well as the kids, as the two heroes of the film race to save their idyllic village from destruction by the Bergens who like nothing better than chowing down on Trolls. Jam-packed with stars including Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden and Russell Brand. 

Kids will love: The catchy soundtrack, including lots of Timberlake tunes.

Parents will love: The nostalgia of these much-loved toys getting a reboot.

Out: 21st October

Watch the KidRated review here: 

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The sequel to 2012’s Jack Reacher movie stars Tom Cruise as the title character. Based on Lee Child’s popular crime novel series, this instalment of the all-action franchise sees Tom on the run as a fugitive after discovering a governmental conspiracy. Exciting stuff.

Teens will love: The action!

Parents will love: Lee Child is an epic writer, so there’s actually a strong storyline in between the action.

Out: 21st October

The Queen of Katwe

The Queen of Katwe is an inspiring true story about a 10-year-old impoverished girl from Uganda who follows her dream and, against all the odds, becomes a world chess champion. Speculated to be the next Slumdog Millionaire, this touching film stars Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, Golden Globe nominee, David Oyelowo and newcomer Madina Nalwanga in the leading role of Phiona.  

Kids will love: The girl power! 

Parents will love: The possibility that their kids might actually put their iPads down and take up chess. 

Out: 21st October

Dr Strange

The latest Marvel superhero vehicle stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a surgeon who turns to defending the world against evil after his career is destroyed. That’s one way to deal with redundancy…

Parents will love: Benedict Cumberbatch doing what he does best (or at least the mums will!).

Teens will love: Another foray into the Marvel Universe.

Out: 28th October 

Plus one to put in your diary…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Back in the day, kids had to wait years for new Harry Potter material. Now, new wonders seems to come out every week. Even so, who doesn’t love a little bit of magic? Fantastic Beasts, based on the 2001 book written by J.K. Rowling, tells the story of Newt Scamander (played by Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne) who travels to 20th-Century New York to research and rescue some magnificently magical creatures, and ends up on the run himself when some of them inadvertently escape.

Kids will love: A return to the world of magic.

Parents will love: The tickets are a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of than the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

Out: 18th October

For more ideas of fun things to do with the kids, go to

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