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You don't want to know what I can do with this umbrella I Image: 20th Century Fox

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Starring: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Egerton

Firth gets a chance to kick some bottom in this comic book adaptation as the mentor to a young spy upstart. Director Matthew Vaughn knows how to handle action and fun (see: Kick-Ass), while an Oscar-winning suit-wearer beating the crud out of people with an umbrella can’t be ignored.

Big Hero 6

Yes, we do know one of our gang is an inflatable robot I Image: Disney

Starring: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, TJ Miller

It’s an adaptation of a little-known Marvel comic about the friendship between a giant inflatable robot and a teenager who create a team to fight a supervillain. But while the comic was more adult-orientated, this is firmly aimed at kids with beautiful animation and a whole lot of warmth.

Inherent Vice

No, I will not be getting that haircut I Image: Warner Bros.

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest epic – about a PI searching for a former girlfriend in 1970 – is adapted from a Thomas Pynchon novel and watching it has been compared to being under the influence of various substances. Whatever the case, Anderson’s perspective is never less than fascinating, even if his adherence to plot can be a little shoddy.


They really shouldn't have chucked that bag away I Image: Universal

Starring: Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen, Wagner Moura

Billy Elliot helmer Stephen Daldry here takes on another weighty topic in South American urban poverty, but once again lends a light touch. Written by Richard Curtis, it follows three kids who scavenge a city’s waste dumps for sellable titbits, only to discover something which could change their lives. The unknown child stars in particular have charisma in abundance.

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