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3 AWESOME artists you should be listening to right now

What’s that you say? You’re bored of listening to the same tired old tunes you downloaded onto your iPod Classic 11 years ago . Well, let us help you with that…

Yep, we trawled the internet, so you don’t have to.

Xavier Rudd


Australian singer-songwriter and musician (plus ‘activist’ and ‘surfer’ according to his Twitter profile) Xavier has a strong cult following among 20 to 30 year olds Down Under and it’s not hard to see why. Usually found on stage with three didgeridoos, a guitar, an array of drums, bells and harmonicas and a stompbox, Xav’ performs tracks about everything from humanity and environmentalism, the rights of the Indigenous people of Australia and spirituality. Basically, he’s an interesting fella. His music is folky blues in sound and pretty deep in lyrics, which makes a pleasant change to most of the up coming artists sweeping our airwaves. His latest album, Nanna, reached the Top 10 in Aus, while Spirit Bird is the one that made him a household (and festival circuit) name. Stream and enjoy.



Okay, so the name is a little lame. But it’s actually fascinating how well Glaswegian indie boys Franz Ferdinand and American rock folks Sparks fit together. The supergroup (which also sounds lame – but we’re calling it what it is) announced their collaboration in March but they have been recording together for nearly 10 years. The sound is very much a Franz-style indie rock, with a lashing of USA. Which isn’t surprising given the combination of musicians here. FFS’s first album hits the shelves on 8 June and they’ll play their first gig at the Glasgow Arts School on 16 June.

The Decemberists


Oregon rock-folk band The Decemberists have been on the circuit for 15 years in America, but have yet to make their name across the pond in Blighty. Their 2011 track Down By The Water, was nominated for Best Rock Song at the Grammy Awards and they have released a whopping seven albums – four of which are under the famous Capitol Records label.
Also known as Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query and John Moen’s, the gang’s latest LP What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World reached number 13 in the UK charts, but it’s 2011’s The King Is Dead we suggest you open your ears to. A greatly thought-provoking selection of tracks.

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