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Coming soon: The best TV shows in the making

Take a sneak peek at three of the most hotly anticipated TV shows

 We all love that build up of anticipation to a good TV show or series. Even better when there’s a stellar cast line-up, the storyline is solid and you’ve set the Sky Plus – safe in the knowledge that come rain or shine, train delays or hurricanes, evenings at the in-laws or pick ups from a kid’s party, said TV show will be waiting patiently for you to come home, settle on the sofa with a ruby and a glass of red – and set about devouring it episode by episode.

From what we’ve heard, there are few of these in the planning – and although we may have to hold out for a few months to finally sink into them, we reckon this lot are going to be worth the wait. But enough of the teasing. Instead, feast your eyes on these utter corkers…

The Hollow Crown: War of the Roses, BBC2
Dench, Cumberbatch, Hawes, Bonneville and Sturridge have all signed up for this incredible three-part drama featuring William Shakespeare’s historic plays Henry VI and Richard III. The first series, The Hollow Crown, won two BAFTAs in 2013, and with Benedict taking up the role of Richard III and Tom Sturridge as Henry VI, we’re expecting more of the same recognition. Finally a ruddy good drama to sink your teeth into.
There’s no on-screen date as yet, although 2016 has been mentioned tentatively. We’re hoping for Autumn 2015, because we’re impatient.

Opposite Number, C4
Think Homeland meets 24, with a dash of House of Cards and a slice of Spooks thrown in. Yes, if C4 succeed in making this as GREAT as we think they will, we might not be able to leave the house again. Just in case we miss something.
Opposite Number will be made up of 10 suspense-filled 60-minute episodes and will be based between the UK, US and North Korea. There’s talk of a ‘global-scaled nuclear strike’, MIA and CIA deployment to North Korea and – the best bit – ‘power-playing’ – and it’s all going to kick off when a British nuclear scientist is taken prisoner in North Korea while on a secret mission. Sounds pretty good, no?
Again, there’s no set date yet – but keep your fingers crossed for early 2015.

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, ITV
Whether you’re watching Colombo or DCI Burnside from The Bill, there’s something special about a decent detective drama. Which is why we’re chuffed to hear Paddy Considine is reprising his role as curious private agent, Jack Whicher – a character based on a real-life detective, who was brought to the limelight by Kate Summerscale’s best-selling novel. Set in mid-Victorian England, the two films will see Mr. Whicher fight for justice in everything from harassment and murder to adultery. There’ll be a lot of eyebrow raises and admirable beards too, thrown in for good measure*. We predict a Spring 2015 airing.
*We guessed this part.


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