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Take That’s Howard Donald does kids’ TV

We’ve finally found the most amazing show on the telly. This is TV to make your kids AND missus happy. And you are going to get some serious kudos for knowing about it… *high five*


Yes, ladies. Now who's your favourite member of the band? Eh? Eh?

If you have ever watched Wallkazam! with the kids on Nick Jr., you’ll know just how fun the show is. Every episode, a young troll named Wally and his pet dragon go on a magical adventure in their local forest full of giants, goblins, ogres and spirits. And now, in a big Halloween episode, they’ll be receiving challenges from a wizard (appropriately called Wizard Jeff), who will be voiced by – wait for it – Howard Donald from Take That.

That’s right, the hairier member of the now threesome will be lending his voice to the episode, where his character Wizard Jeff will be setting challenges for Wally to win treats and will even be singing. But don’t worry, he won’t be crooning a TT classic, but rather belting out a song about underpants to help children with the spelling of three three-syllable word.

The kids will love it. The Mrs will love it. Boom.

Episodes of Wallykazam! air on Nick Jr. every day at 4:30pm. 

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