Christmas gadget guide part two: over £100

These gadgets ain't cheap, but they're worth hinting at if your loved ones are feeling generous this year

If you've been really good this year, perhaps Santa will bring you one of these premium gadgets.

From smartphone-controlled quadricopters to high-end headphones, this is our list of gifts for those who like to go large at Christmas. Or, you can also try our guide to gadget gifts under £100.

Parrot AR Drone Elite Edition

It looks complex, but the AR Drone is easy to fly

Despite its complicated looks, the Parrot AR Drone quadricopter is a doddle to fly. Inside its super-lightweight shell is an array of sensors and computer chips that ensure it remains stable in flight both indoors and outdoors - even in the kind of blustery conditions you're likely to encounter late in December. You control the drone using virtual joysticks on its smartphone app, and can also shoot video using its two built-in cameras.
£249, Pixmania


Withings Smart Body Analyser WiFi Scales

Drag your bathroom scales into the 21st century

If you're planning to get fit and healthy in the new year, this wi-fi-enabled device could become your new best friend (or perhaps your mortal enemy). Yup, these days even your bathroom scales have got smart. As well as telling you your weight, this 'body analyser' will also check your body fat and heart rate, chucking in a quick analysis of the air quality and a reading of the temperature - presumably just to show off. Naturally, all the information is related to you via a smartphone app.
£129.99, Firebox


Bowers & Wilkins P7

These beauties from Bowers & WIlkins are a class act

For music lovers, a decent pair of headphones is an absolute must. Even more so if you have any kind of commute to put up with. If you're looking for some 'phones with a touch more refinement than the bass-heavy boom-cans favoured by many, this classy option from speaker specialists Bowers & Wilkins has to come into the reckoning. Not only do they sound divine, but they're perfectly designed for travel - folding up into a little ball when not in use.
£329.95, John Lewis


Google Nexus 9 16GB

The Nexus 9 is one of the best tablets currently available

Google carved out a niche for its Nexus brand of smartphones and tablets by offering a remarkable amount of technology and features for very little money. Now it's got our attention, however, prices have risen noticeably. Still, the new Nexus 9 tablet remains more keenly priced than its fruity competition and it's got some high-end tech squeezed into its svelte frame. It's squarer than many tablets, with a 4:3 display (8.9-inches in size) that's particularly useful for browsing web pages plus it also features the very latest version of Android.
£319, Google Play


LG 42UB820V Smart 4k Ultra HD 42" LED TV

As well as amazing pictures, this set from LG also comes with a 'magic' remote

This 42-inch telly from LG will delight your eyes with pin-sharp Ultra-HD 4K images, should you be able to find a source that will output them. It's true that, for the moment, ultra hi-def is mainly a bit of handy futureproofing. However, this set can also upscale standard HD pictures, so you get the best of both worlds. It's a smart TV as well, so hooking it up to your net connection gives you access to all kinds of useful apps, including iPlayer. Plus you get a 'magic remote' making it possible to control your TV with a wave of your hand - or even with your voice.
£599.95, John Lewis


PlayStation 4

There are some huge exclusives lined up for PlayStation in 2015

Despite what the fan boys might tell you, there's not a lot to separate the PlayStation 4 from the Xbox One, at least in terms of gaming performance. As ever, the difference comes down to the games. Amd with 2015 set to bring No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4 and the return to life of 80s title Shadow of the Beast as PlayStation exclusives, Sony's machine has our full attention.
£339 (with GTA V), Tesco

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