Seven of the strangest tourist attractions

Been there? Done that? Seen all there is to see? Nope.

 There's a whole world of weirdness still waiting to be explored...

Clark had to stand like that to hold his pants up | Image: James Jordan

Superman in Metropolis

On theme for 2016’s upcoming Superman v Batman movie is this Supes statute in Metropolis, Illinois, which is a must-see when in town… or when driving through.

A great family selfie opportunity, just imagine your friends’ envy when they see you being photobombed by the Man of Steel on Facebook.


Their rebelious habit of walking through wet cement eventually caused the extinction of dinosaurs | Image: Sam Howzit

Cabazon Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park is real?! Well, not really, but you can still sit in your car and drive past two GIGANTIC dinosaur statues, located directly north of the highway on Interstate 10 near Cabazon, California.

Consisting of a 100-ton Tyrannosaurus called Mr Rex, and Dinny the Dinosaur, a 150-ton building shaped like a larger-than-life-sized Brontosaurus, these roadside attractions – that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build in the 1960s (Dinny) and 1980s (Mr Rex) – were constructed to promote a diner... that no longer exists.

Talking of dining, you can even sit inside the T-Rex’s mouth. That’s one more thing ticked off the old bucket list then.


It's not so bad, they even have swings in gnome man's land. (Ha ha ha, oh, leave it, David!) | Image: ingimage

Gnome Reserve

With a collection of over 2,000, the owner of the Gnome Reserve in North Devon holds the world record for the largest collection of gnomes and pixies. Quite the achievement, I'm sure you'll all agree.

A great day out with David Bowie awaits.


The repercussions of Gene Simmons' 1970s tour of Thailand with Kiss were apparent | Image: Qormyach

The Underworld on Earth

You’re on a lovely family holiday in Thailand, you’ve enjoyed the beaches, wildlife and cityscapes, so why wouldn’t you want to round off you trip by getting a visual of what everlasting damnation might look like?

The Garden of Hell or Wang Saen Suk Hell Park near Bangkok, is a museum built for the Buddhist teachings of the underworld. Prepare to see strange and terrifying statues and imagery that will give your kids nightmares for weeks.


The Druids: no one knows who they were or what they were doing | Image: Jacob Kamholz


Carhenge, yes carhenge, not Stonehenge, like what we know, yeah? See what they did there? Hilarious.

What is it? Well, obviously it’s Stonehenge made of cars, isn’t it. I would have thought that would have been apparent from the title.

 You can see it near the city of Alliance in Nebraska. Or you could build your own at a local scrap dealer’s – it’s up to you, really.


 Bubble gum art doesn't send your house price soaring quite like a Banksy on your wall | Image: Kārlis Dambrāns

Bubblegum Ally

We all love gum, don’t we? We chew it, we blow bubbles and we stick it under school tables, which doesn’t go down too well at PTA meetings, but what the hell – we’re rebels.

Bubblegum Ally in San Luis Obispo, California, is a popular tourist attraction for everyone from Violet Beauregarde to committed gum-lovers everywhere. It’s colourful, ever-changing, and collaborative. It’s an alley with loads of used chewing gum stuck to the walls. Lovely.


 "It rubs the lotion on its hair and joins me in my hirsute lair" | Image: Nevit Dilmen

Avanos Hair Museum

What is it? It’s a museum full of hair and pottery in Turkey. It’s weird, yes.

The story behind it is kinda sweet: the local potter wanted something to remember his friend by so she gave him some hair. He told the story to visitors who in turn also wanted to be remembered and left their hair too. You can go there and leave some hair too if you like… London has some world-class museums and galleries too though, you know. Just sayin'.


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