Seven of the world’s best pet hotels

The barking mad world of pet pampering has long been a growing industry, with fat cats and the pet world elite taking their grooming sessions and deluxe catering for granted for years. Society might just have reached the peak of crazy with the latest animal fad though – extravagant hotels for critters.

We’ve scoured the globe and compiled a list of seven of the world’s most lavish pet guest-houses, where nothing is too good for your posh pooches and moneyed moggies...

The hotel had neglected to take an imprint of Terry's credit card, so the towel was going straight into his hand luggage | Image: Miriam Kuenzli

Canis Resort (Germany)

Believed to be the world’s first dog hotel, the Canis Resort houses up to 45 dogs at any one time, with a team of trained staff on hand 24/7 to cater to the dogs’ every need. Indulged guests at the hotel, based in Freising, have access to an array of high-end facilities including an exercise yard, a training centre... and a grooming parlour for fashion-conscious pets concerned with the latest in doggy style.

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A quirk in evolution sees a zebra lay down its life so Fifi has somewhere to sit

Essex Pooch Palace (United Kingdom)

Famed for its more-is-more approach to beauty, it should be no surprise that the UK’s number one pet pampering venue is in Essex, home of the vajazzle. Situated on a 24-acre farm which offers guests plenty of room to stretch their legs during lengthy exercise sessions, Essex Pooch Palace offers doggie boarders a truly luxuriant stay. CCTV cameras allow staff to react quickly to the animals’ needs, while in-room flat screen TVs play animal-related movies all day to ensure no one gets bored.

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 Since reading Sartre, Pierre had taken to his bed, convinced of the futility of endlessly fetching

Actuel Dogs (France)

Claiming the title of France’s first dog hotel when it opened in 2011, Actuel Dogs is situated on the outskirts of Paris and offers canine guests a range of amenities including a massage parlor, a gym and a heated pool – not to mention a fabulous á la carte dining menu. For around £30 per night, staff will take the cossetted hounds out for walks at a nearby park, put them through their paces with a tailored training regime and even provide in-room DVDs for the pets to enjoy at the end of the day.

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The 'will he throw the ball/won't he throw the ball?' tension had wound Dave so tight, he needed a massage

Paradise Ranch (United States)

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is the world’s epicentre of extravagance, so it should be no surprise that one of the USA’s most popular dog hotels is so close to Tinseltown. Founded as a humane alternative to cage kennels, Paradise Ranch offers a relaxing haven for lucky guests, who enjoy specialised round-the-clock individual care. In fact, the packages available even allows for a member of staff to take naps alongside your pet, if you should so wish. The hotel’s beachside location means dogs can learn to swim or even boogie board, although less bold pets may prefer to play among the array of sprinklers dotted around, designed to help the animals cool off during warm weather.

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The perils of French windows: unable to distinguish window from door, Chen was mauled to death by the persuing hounds

Pets Dream Park Hotel (Taipei)

Taipei’s premier pet hotel is one of the biggest on our list at an incredible 9,000 square feet, ensuring that visitors can be as active as they please. Created to help with the problem of stray dogs in Taiwan, the Dream Park Hotel offers a full day of activities including long walks and swimming lessons alongside a hearty dinner for around £10 a day, while pets can enjoy a bit of solitude in their down-time in their own single room. This fantastic guest-house places an emphasis on interaction, with all animals encouraged to play together and make pals during their stay, while owners can check up on their progress using the hotel’s in-room webcams.

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Mr Whiskers hated his new, hand-knitted birthday jumper

Jet Pet Resort (Canada)

As you might guess from the name, Jet Pet Resort is right next to an airport – Vancouver International Airport, to be precise. The logic behind the business is sound – offer a simple, nearby solution for travellers who are unable to bring their pets on holiday with them – but it’s fair to say that Jet Pet Resort goes the extra mile in ensuring visitors enjoy their stay. Themed rooms allow pets to explore their individuality, while the venue boasts a gym, spa and play area for both cats and dogs to unwind after a hard day’s relaxing. Incredibly, this hotel even provides an online monitoring system, allowing owners to keep an eye on their animals while they’re away.

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 Guide dogs really earn their scooby snacks when they have to accompany thier owners to the local swimming baths

Grand Dogaroo (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong’s Grand Dogaroo might just be the one to beat when it comes to pet hotels, boasting amenities that would put most human hotels to shame. The sprawling guest-house contains a swimming pool, gym, cafe and shopping centre to keep pets occupied, while the stunning design has to be seen to be believed, with gorgeous crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Established in 2010, the Grand Dogaroo is aimed at the VIPs of the pet world – the hotel even has a team of trained beauticians to ensure that visiting animals always look their best. Really.

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Remember that you'll need to sort out your pet passport if you're taking your furry friends for a hotel stay abroad (Find out all you need to know here; you might want to sort out some pet insurance (try these guys; and some pet hotels in the UK and abroad may require you to bring proof of your pets' vaccinations.



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