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How To Make The Most Of Your Annual Leave

A recent survey by leading recruitment website Reed revealed that Brits are not making the most of their holiday entitlement, with 40% failing to use their full allowance. Whilst some employers will let holiday be carried into the following year or cashed in, for many workers if you don’t use your entitlement, you’ll lose it.

To ensure travellers can maximise their all-important time off, global flight search and digital travel deals platform has developed a series of top tips…

A few days off sporadically doesn’t always help rejuvenate the body or mind and with the constant use of devices such as smart phones and tablets, it is harder than ever to switch off completely, making using your entitlement even more important to health and wellbeing. Planning in advance really pays off and can help you save additional days to use for occasions such as weddings or long weekends. Manage your work-life balance and you’ll not only feel more rested, you’ll also ensure you have as much time out of the office as possible.

1. Plan ahead and holiday like a pro

It may sound obvious, but planning is key to maximising well-deserved holiday time and making the most of every single day. Get a diary or calendar for the New Year and put in key school dates, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, to see where potential holiday gaps could lie throughout the year. Book clever –  electing to have Friday as the first day back in the office allows travellers to ease their way back in after a holiday.

2. Be in sync with your partner

Companies require varying levels of notice when it comes to taking annual leave – some a minimum of two weeks, some six weeks. To maximise on late deals away, travellers need to ensure they know what their significant other is required to do to book holiday. Turn off the TV and phones, open a bottle of wine and create a holiday wish list together, and plan how it can become a reality.

3. Bonus time

Mark in the diary when either annual or quarterly bonuses are due, as this will aid holiday planning at a time when it’s best financially to travel. Booking a late deal on payday means money is spent on quality time away.  

4. Merge work and home life to save money

Many Brits travel for work and if the trips are scheduled far enough in advance, it is the perfect opportunity for a holiday. A partner going on a business trip doesn’t necessarily have to mean the other must miss out on experiencing a new destination. Travellers could embrace the newly coined ‘bleisure’ travel phenomenon and invite their partner along too! Plus, with the company paying for one return international flight as part of the business trip, it means a free return fare.

5. Take advantage of the Bank Holidays

Bank Holiday Mondays are a great way to boost annual leave. By flying either after work hours on a Friday or on a Saturday morning, taking Tuesday to Friday as leave, and returning the following Sunday, this offers nine days away for only four from your holiday allocation. For a long break in 2018, Brits can utilise the May Bank Holidays (7 and 28 May) to get 24 days off using only 14 days leave, depending on whether they are committed to work weekends.

Other key Bank Holidays for 2018 include Easter weekend (Friday 30 March and Monday 2 April) and Monday 27 August. Scots receive an extra day off to celebrate St Andrew’s Day on 30 November: 2018 sees St Andrew’s Day fall on a Friday, so you can make the most of this by booking a long weekend and not losing a day’s leave. Now that sounds like a plan.   

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