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Rare chance to see white lions in the wild

Outer Travels Inner Journeys has launched the Waking your Lionheart Tour to South Africa, offering a rare opportunity to be with the only white lions in the wild, combined with sacred sites and ceremonies


The 15-day Waking your Lionheart Tour to South Africa includes five days visiting the mystical white lions in Timbavati alongside key sacred sites and ceremonies such as guided meditations in the Sacred Eye of Table Mountain and sunrise whale breath meditation and swim at Plettenberg Bay, the breeding sanctuary for whales.
Feared to be on the brink of extinction, there are only 13 white lions in the Timbavati region of South Africa, where they are revered as a sacred heritage. Protected by The White Lion Trust, the area is not open to the general public. However, Outer Travels Inner Journeys has attained a special invitation to be with the white lions at dawn and dusk and enjoy presentations from Linda Tucker, founder White Lion Trust and lion ecologist, Jason A Turner.
The White Lions Trust was founded in 2002 and secured a protected 4,400 hectares to ensure the survival of this critically endangered species with a 10 strong anti-poaching security team. Timbavati is the only location in the world where white lions are born into the wild. Despite being an endangered species white lions are still bred in various canned hunting camps. Mandla, the eldest of the white lions, was rescued from a canned hunting camp and indigenous people of the region believe he has the energy of true leadership – his name means power.
Linda Tucker said: “The white lions hold a secret that could save humanity in this time of crisis. They are the guardians of the human soul, and they invite us to reawaken our own souls in order to protect our planet – and ourselves along with it.”
The Waking your Lionheart Tour begins in Cape Town where Dean Liprini, CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of South Africa, guides you to explore the nature, spirit and wisdom of the ancient Sacred Sites of South Africa experiencing indigenous plants, animals, people and healers along the way.  
Highlights are many and include shamanic tea from Fynbos Plants in the Lion’s Head Watchman’s Cave; honoring ancestors in the Cave of Ascension believed to be a ritual cave of birth and fertility; a journey to Cape of Good Hope with a visit to local township for live African music, drumming and dancing; and the sunrise Whale breath meditation and swim at a breeding sanctuary for whales.
The 15-day Waking your Lionheart Tour runs from 16 – 30 June 2016 and costs $5,500 covering all accommodation, most food and domestic flights. It does not include your flight to South Africa. There are only 16 places available for this rare and special opportunity, which you can book now at

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