Mary Berry wants to ban sugary drinks

Mary Berry has warned parents to avoid giving sugary drinks to their children and the items should be banned entirely.

Sugary drinks should be banned according to Mary Berry. In an interview with Good Housekeeping she has revealed that she refuses to give her grandchildren anything other than water to drink.

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The 81-year-old says “I honestly think there shouldn’t be sugared drinks. All my grandchildren drink water all through the day. I’ve just had them to stay and at breakfast they have water. They don’t even know what sugary drinks are.”

The presenter also said that parents should be given more guidance about the right foods to give children.

Berry’s comments come after fellow celebrity chef Jamie Oliver criticised Theresa May’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, calling the plans “disappointing” and “frankly, underwhelming”. Previous plans to restrict junk food advertising and promotional deals on unhealthy foods for children have been axed from the strategy.

Despite The Great British Bake Off being a show that celebrates creations made out of sugar and fat, Berry said that sweet treats such as doughnuts should only be given as treats “once in a blue moon”. Berry went on to say that she eats a low calorie diet including soup at lunchtime and only a couple of starters in the evening due to the demands the popular baking show puts on her.

She said “Otherwise I will put on weight because I am having to taste 36 cakes a day. It’s my job. Freak diets, I don’t think work. It’s control. Have a smaller plate. I have mountains of vegetables – green vegetables, broccoli, and beans. I have twice as much as my husband does.”

Berry warned that “many people think children must have chips. I don’t think any household should have a deep fat fryer”.

The baking expert added “If you want a doughnut, go and buy one once in a blue moon. It’s about everything in moderation. It isn’t what’s in children’s lunchboxes, it’s when they walk around the corner from school with money they’ve been given and buy all the other things.”

More than 10 million viewers watched Berry’s return to the show on Wednesday night, a record audience for the first show in the Bake Off series.

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