Mobile-hooked parents missing important conversations with their children

Many hundreds of parents across the UK have admitted to persistent overuse of their mobile phone around their children according to the results of a new study commissioned by online parenting resource Families


A resounding 94% of parents said they use their mobile phone too much in front of their children but the study also revealed some shocking realities about the potential impact mobile phone usage could be having on many children across the country right now.

A high number of parents (64%) believe they’ve missed important conversations with their child because they have been otherwise occupied on their phone.  One third of parents also admitted that their child has on occasion, asked them to put down their phone or to switch it off completely in a bid to get their undivided attention.  Frustrated children are also reacting to their mobile-dependent parents in some cases, by becoming upset or angry when the focus is on the glare of the phone screen instead of on them, according to over half of parents (60%) who confirmed this to be true.

A quarter of children (25%) are also reported to have called out to their parents at least three times before they are heard or responded to, this is according to busy parents who admit they get distracted regularly by their phone.  The survey, conducted by Families aimed to uncover truths about our mobile phone habits today and how this might be impacting our children now and in the future.

Mother of two and Marketing Director at Families commented: “The over use of mobile phones is perhaps not so surprising today, but when you look at these percentages and genuine admissions from parents it does resonate and makes you realise the impact this could be having on children.  Some will argue it is a sign of the times, we are so connected today whether that is with work or socially with family, colleagues and friends that we find it hard to switch off from the outside world.  It also makes it doubly hard to set a balanced example to our kids when we expect them to turn off their devices and not get too attached or engrossed in apps and games, when they live in a world where this is quite normal.  The question is, where does it end and at what price?”

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Guest Sunday, 12 July 2020

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