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That’s What Christmas is All About

I love Christmas. I always have. I love everything about it. I love the panic, the excitement, the anticipation, the annual carpet bowls competition (trust me, it’s fun). I love how people say ‘that’s what Christmas is all about,’ even when it’s not what it’s about at all…yep, I think it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

This year I was determined to make it the best Christmas yet.

For the first time my house played host for the big day itself, which meant I was in charge of the main Christmas meal. When I proposed the idea back in September, it’s fair to say that I had not thought the idea through. The reality of it didn’t really dawn on me until 10:30 pm, 23rd December, when I was standing in a cue at TESCO half the length of the store. I remember very clearly the moment when it all stopped being fun – it was as I stood considering how many eggs I would require to get through the next three days. There was the eggnog of course, then Faith had promised cookies at some point and some sort of breakfast casserole for Boxing Day breakfast. In the end I went for 24…most of them remain in my fridge. 

The run-up to Christmas turned out to be less than ideal. I was struck down with flu and then for good measure we all had a bought of diarrhea. Adlai’s biggest explosion happened about two minutes before our first guest arrived on Christmas Day. When she came in the door she was greeted not by the smell of the turkey I’d been faithfully basting for what felt like days, but by the unmistakable smell of explosive baby poo. I can think of more festive ways to begin the day.

 Christmas recovered though and Adlai rallied. The food was a great success…particularly Jamie Oliver’s ‘Brussels with Hustle’… I recommend those. After the food there was indoor bowls (seriously, it’s fun), presents and the some more food.

Ah…that’s what Christmas is all about. Oh, hang on.

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