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The Christmas Legacy

2011 is going to be a momentous year for the Dwight clan. Faith, Adlai and I will be hosting Christmas for the first time. We put a bid in to host way back in September and, there had been a rumour going round that the Quatar bid was going to be too strong for us, but we heard this week that our bid has proved successful. I’m assuming this is because of our exciting legacy options.

I’m sure the selectors were impressed with the games facilities at our venue. The lounge-diner will play host to the fiercely contested carpet bowls and then the nearby River Ouse (not to be confused with the mighty Thames) will be perfect for a post-feast stroll.

Since hearing the news, I have been excitedly searching the internet for turkeys… That is one expensive bird. Are they always this expensive or do they the price up for the festive season? I’m considering other cheaper, out-of-season options.  Roasted strawberries in Pimm’s gravy, anyone?     

Yep, it’s gonna be one heck of a Christmas. 

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