Hannah Miley swims for gold powered by a lifetime's expertise from her father-cum-coach

If knowledge is power then Hannah Miley is already halfway down the pool. Since he first plunged her into a pool at the age of three, Patrick Miley has been educating his daughter about every element of the sport of swimming.

Nothing is too nerdy or obscure. It is a vast bank of information for her to draw on as she does the final preparations for the biggest race of her life: Saturday’s Olympic 400 metres individual medley final.

It is an unusual patrimony: a devotion to split times and cutting-edge physiology.

But then Patrick is not your average dad. He was a serious athlete himself, swimming for the Army and doing triathlons.

He became interested in coaching while in the military and he now combines coaching Hannah with his precarious day job is as a helicopter pilot on the North Sea oil rigs. Swimming is his passion.

“I’ve never known it any other way because he’s always been my coach,

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Guest Monday, 01 June 2020

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