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Australian restaurant bans children

Screaming children and watching others deal with tantrums is not something diners to one restaurant in Australia will have to put up with anymore


The owners of Flynn’s Restaurant in Queensland have introduced a new policy requiring diners to be a minimum of seven years old.

It follows an incident where a screaming child disrupted the evening for other guests and was also in response to an angry mother’s bad review on TripAdvisor.

According to the review, a family of four were thrown out by owner Liam Flynn on a busy Sunday afternoon after their two-year-old began crying loudly.

Mr Flynn, who has been running the business for 14 years, said the experience was the “final straw” for him adding that he has been “cracking down” on parents with misbehaving toddlers over the last two years because it is “undermining our standard.”

He said: “We’ve been getting negative feedback from customers who pay good money to dine at our restaurant because of small children who come in with their parents and often end up having a screaming tantrum.”

Confirming the new policy on their Facebook page, restaurant manager Sonia Tymecka said: “The feedback from our diners regarding screaming babies have been nothing but wholly negative and in the interest of their wishes we have decided to introduce this policy and it will stand.

“As a born and bred European myself, I do follow a good dining etiquette and it is my responsibility as a manager to step in and politely convey information to the families with small children to find alternative arrangements (just like every other family does in Europe).

“If one pays money for having an enjoyable lunch during an anniversary or honeymoon, please do yourself and other patrons a favour by getting a babysitter or by removing the screaming baby from the room.”

The news of the change in policy has been met with mixed reaction from customers. 

But one mother showed her support saying: “There is nothing worse than paying for a babysitter to go out for a nice quiet meal and then have someone else’s child screaming or running around.”

Mr Flynn says all he wants is for his customers to get what they’re paying for and that it really is just a question of “social etiquette.”

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