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Bad marriages break your heart, quite literally

Scientists in the US have found that people who argue for decades with their partner are more likely to develop heart disease than those in happy marriages.


Dads, it seems the pressures of staying together for family and financial reasons can have negative effects on the health of those involved.

Are you concerned that the stresses and strains of your relationship will have an impact on your children?

The study of over 1,200 married men and women by the Michigan State University, also found that those who had heated discussions with their partner were likely to develop depression.

Dr. Hui Lui, lead author of the study said: “Our results suggest that the stress process operating within marriage may be more important than the supportive aspect of marriage in shaping individuals’ cardiovascular health”.

The findings have been published online in the ‘Journal Of Health And Social Behaviour’.

Dads, over time it seems the stresses from a bad marriage may become more harmful.

There are some that find it hard to come to terms with the lifetime commitment that has been made and that can be hard to adjust to.

Scientists also found that the effect of marital quality on heart and artery disease risk became much stronger at older ages.

Dads, it is not just your health but also that of your children to think about. If you and your partner are unhappy then this could have a detrimental impact on the rest of your family.

Dads, how close do you feel in your relationship, do you spend enough time together or apart?

Remember, all couples go through rough patches but if it is affecting your health then something needs to be looked at for you and your children.

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