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Birthday party planning stress

For most children their birthday party is something they have been dreaming about for the entire year…


But for parents the planning and preparation is far from enjoyable.

According to a survey by of more than 1,000 parents around half find organising their little one’s birthday party stressful.

And it’s no wonder when costs can really start to add up.

Research found that 44% of mums and dads spend between £100 and £200 per party, while just under 5% fork out £500.

One factor behind the rising cost of birthday bashes is food. Times have changes since jelly and ice cream was the standard party grub.

The healthy eating message is making an impact with over 80% of mums feeling that party food should offer a good mix of healthy options alongside regular party treats.

Only 15% think they should exclusively feature traditional – and less healthy – party foods like cakes, ice cream, biscuits and sweets.

Not to mention the cost of providing presents for all the birthday boys and girls. Children’s toys can set parents back £15 a time.

Be prepared to even be out of pocket if your child doesn’t even attend the event.

One dad from Cornwall received an invoice for £15.95 when his 5-year-old son couldn’t go to a friend’s birthday party.

The parents accepted an invitation to a dry ski slope in Plymouth, Devon, just before Christmas.

This dad was not only left out of pocket when his son couldn’t go but was told he would be taken to the small claims court for refusing to pay.

If you are planning a party for your little one check out this blog on how to organise a well planned and fun party without breaking the bank.

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