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Dads stop hugging children at five

Millions of dads stop hugging their child by the time they turn five, according to a study


A poll by Fairy Non-Bio found more than one in 10 fathers no longer offers cuddles.

61 per cent stopped by the time their son or daughter reaches 14.

Around 2,000 dads took part in the survey with many saying they don’t hug their child as they believe he/she is ‘too old’ for cuddles.

Showing children affection is an important way of reassuring or comforting them.

Dr Simon Thompson, psychologist and neuroscientist, said: “Hugs impact on us in a variety of ways. At the physical level, they provide us with tactile comfort, softness, and closeness.

“At the hormonal level, the body’s natural chemicals are released for our emotional well-being and to protect us from harm and the hug has become part of that in ensuring the necessary chemicals are released and regulated.

“The hug is likely to cause us to elicit these chemicals so that we feel emotionally and physically protected and reassured by the protector (hugger).”

The study also found that despite many dads admitting they no longer cuddle their children, hugging is still the most popular way for fathers to show affection.

And it seems there really is nothing like a father’s love, as singer Chris Brown recently expressed.

The 26-year-old made his affection for daughter Royalty known by including the 16-month-old on the cover of his new album.

In the cover photo the rapper is seen holding his baby girl close to his chest.

The survey has released its top ten findings for ways dads show affection:

1. Hugging

2. Telling them to you love them

3. Listening to them

4. Giving them advice and guidance

5. Doing things together

6. Kissing them

7. Giving them encouraging words

8. Being present for important events

9. Showing interests in their pursuits

10. Reading a book with them 


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