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Keep children safe around medicine this winter

According to Paediatrics Child Health journal, young children are more prone to catching the common cold, with some catching as many as ten colds each year before they turn two.

Many parents use medication to help keep their little ones as comfortable as possible when suffering with a cold but the naturally inquisitive and curious nature of children can mean medication around the house can pose a risk to the child’s safety and wellbeing.

In the run up to cold and flu season 2018, here, Darren Pittock, sales executive of pharmacy packaging supplier, Valley Northern, looks at the steps that can be taken to reduce the risks of children and medication.

Accidental consumption

In the UK, 500 children under five are rushed to hospital every week because it’s suspected that they have swallowed something poisonous. By using clearly printed medicine cartons that are branded well when dispensing prescriptions, it is clear that medicine is medicine.

It’s not a natural reaction to connect seeing a child with a plain white box as a potential risk. However, if it is clearly printed as a prescription item, the medication will be taken from the child in an instant. You can also teach a child not to touch boxes that have specific logos.

Incorrect dosing

Oral syringes are designed to improve accuracy when dosing liquid medicine to children. However, many brands of syringes have marking that rub off over time, meaning each new dose becomes less accurate. 

To counteract this, precision oral syringes have been designed in such a way that the marking are much more durable, meaning acculturate dosing time and time again. 


Plastic bags are a well known risk of suffocation to children, whether the bag is from a supermarket, or from a hospital. A bag is a bag. Valley Northern’s range of resealable patient medicine bags have been designed with holes in the bottom for this exact reason. This means should the bag end up in little hands; suffocation is of a much lower risk. The bags themselves are also clearly labelled up with dos and don’ts of medicine use, giving piece of mind to both parents and patients. 

Expired medication

Expired medication is less effective and often unsafe, and its consumption often results from parents stockpiling medication for a rainy day. All unused prescription medication should be returned to the pharmacist for safe disposal and over-the-counter medication should be bought as needed. 

This keeps unneeded medication out of the house and means expired medication isn’t used accidently. Pharmacists can also increase clarity by applying expiry date labels to bags and cartons to make this date highly visible to parents. Valley Northern’s extensive label range ensures a label for almost every purpose. If there are specific labels required, they also offer a bespoke label printing service. 

Incorrect storage

As with all medicine, if a child’s medicine is not stored properly, it may not work in the way they were intended or even put a child at risk. This responsibility extends past pharmacy storage and into the child’s home. 

Temperature is one of the most important factors that can affect the stability of a medicine. Pharmacists can use pharmacy labels that clearly highlight whether something should be kept in the fridge or at an ambient temperature.  

The inquisitive nature of children is not to be discouraged, it’s how they learn. But there are clear and simple changes that can be made to protect children from the dangers of medication around the home, particularly when cold and flu season is just around the corner. 


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