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Middle Aged Men embrace pushing pedals over coveting cars

A FIFTH of ‘middle-aged’ men classify themselves as a MAMIL


A MAMIL is a term for men who take up energetic pursuit later in life to high levels, most commonly cycling, but also triathlon and running.  According to a survey involving 2000 people commissioned by New Covent Garden Soup Co®: 

22% of UK dads are now talking about and taking part in physical activity MORE than their kids

41% of MAMILs’ partners are very impressed with their other halves’ dedication and commitment to their fitness regimes

The MAMIL is a serious force to be reckoned with, with the term increasingly becoming more prevalent as a knock on effect of the British cycling team and a takeover of the nation’s busy roads. This is echoed by the increasing numbers participating in ‘UK cycling events’ where a spokesperson stated “UK cycling has seen tremendous growth in interest and participation in recent years. Our largest group of entrants has been men in their forties”. Over a quarter (30%) of respondents stated that nutrition and MAMILs becoming more conscious of their diet was the main factor in improvements in overall health and mood.


Dads are now out-running the kids with MAMILs noticeably overtaking in the fitness stakes, with 19% of families admitting the Dads are more active than the offspring. The most popular time for Dads to get together for a ‘Sportive’ is Sunday mornings out and about taking over to the roads – both in both busy urban areas and on sleepier countryside lanes.


The younger generation (16-29 year olds) are in awe of their Father’s new found enthusiasm with a quarter of respondents stating they were impressed with their Dad – the same number stating that Dad’s exercise regime had had a positive effect on the family as a whole.


There is just one thing however that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the MAMILs’ family members, their MAMIL’s obsession with protein!  Their partners and families are less than impressed with the amount they spend on protein supplements, when there are so many more delicious ways to up the quotas.


To celebrate the launch of the new Taste of Health range New Covent Garden Soup Co. have created a quiz to establish the levels of MAMILFICATION in our home lives, with the chance to win a MAMIL survival pack. The packs feature treats for the MAMIL in life as well as the MAMIL widows!


Take the MAMIL test and to claim your pack visit




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