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New case of online teen shaming by parent

Dealing with the different stages of a son or daughter’s life is something that parents become accustomed to.


But arguably one of the most difficult periods to deal with is adolescence.

Imagine if your son or daughter does not take a fancy to PE and would like to sit on the sidelines.

You’re asked to write a sick letter because it’s going to be too cold.

In a recent case, the girl known as Olivia, wanted to skive and said she needed a valid medical excuse.

What do you do? Write the letter and let it fly or try something else?

One parent decided the latter was the best option but also ended up writing a letter to the school teacher.

It wasn’t what the teenager schoolgril was intending to be written.

Here is the text of the letter.

Dear Mr ….

Olivia has requested that I write her a note for PE. Here it is…

Olivia is perfectly fit and well to take part in her PE lesson today. The only thing she’s suffering with is a severe case of Bone-idle-itus (sic) !

Olivia’s complaint is, it’s too cold to participate. Might I suggest a few extra laps to warm her up??

Please return to Olivia after reading


It resulted in an incident of teen shaming and probably a seething daughter as she arrived back home.

But how far should parents go? Especially as this note was then posted on Facebook and quickly shared thousands of times.

It comes down to a personal choice and if you have a son or daughter who loves running around in the cold then you’ll have no problem.

But in an age where we as adults are encouraged to exercise on a daily basis by the Government and also make sure our children are keeping fit, maybe this letter can be seen as a template of what to do to stem any PE-dodging.

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