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‘Poorer pupils’ being hit by holiday rules

Poorer families are missing out on holidays as they can’t afford the high cost of travelling during school breaks, according to the National Union of Teachers.


The NUT says the family holiday is now becoming something the so-called middle class can achieve.

The union says parents should be allowed to remove their children from school during term-time without being potentially fined.

Former education secretary Michael Gove introduced rules where headteachers could grant leave in “exceptional circumstances.”

But a resolution will be debated at the NUT’s annual conference at Easter.

Part of it reads…”holidays can provide valuable experiences and outdoor learning opportunities. Giving families time to be on holiday together will also have social and emotional benefits which can be of lasting value and support to schoolchildren.”

The resolution also says that much more pressure needs to be put on travel companies by government to change pricing structures.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “We’re not saying that it’s fine for children to be out of school at the drop of a hat.

“But a week’s holiday can be a very positive thing in a child’s life, particularly if they won’t otherwise get one and will see their friends going on one.”

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