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Proud parents give children unusual names

Narcissistic parents are willing to pile on pressure to their children, according to research.


A study by a lead academic at Amsterdam University has found children are given unusual names if their parents have an inflated sense of their children’s importance.

The survey of six studies involved more than 1,700 Dutch and American parents.

A national database of children’s names from the same year of boys and girls was used to gather the results.

Dads, it is natural for parents to value their child, but is this parenting gone too far?

Researchers have found that “overvaluing parents were indeed more likely” to use an unusual name.

These days many parents are opting for trendy or unusual names for their children.

Actor Nicolas Cage called his son Kal-El and the Beckhams called their daughter Harper Seven.

Other names high-profile celebrities have opted for include Apple, North West, Princess and Blue Ivy.

But why do parents pick these names?

It is thought one of the main reasons mums and dads pick outrageous names is to ensure their children ‘stand out from the crowd’.

The Dutch academics, suggest there is a clear link between parents’ own sense of superiority and the extent to which they pushed their children.

They also found evidence of parents who intentionally overrated their children’s intelligence and heaped far more praise on their sons and daughters than the average family.

Parents may feel there are good intentions in giving their child an unusual name but it is important to think about the reasons behind it.

If your child has a name that makes them stand out from the crowd, it may reflect on their own self-importance and behaviour towards others.

Standing out from the crowd does not mean you have to have an unusual name, we are all unique by birth.

It is the child’s character that parents develop that will ultimately make them stand out and give them the boost they need in life to succeed.

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