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Survey: Childhood Gifts Are More Memorable Than The Expensive Ones We Receive As Adults

A new survey from the Moonpig Kids’ Institute has revealed the need to bring the magic back to gifting this Christmas… 

  • 4 in 5 (80%) of Brits think the Christmas gifts they received as a child are more memorable than those they received as an adult
  • 22% of Brits said that the best gift they have ever received as an adult was a tech gadget, with cash also featuring high on the list with 20%
  • A shiny new bike came top as the best Christmas gift received as a child, with a doll’s house and Scalextric coming second and third consecutively 

From ‘ever-so-useful socks’, to the ‘treat’ we never knew we wanted – we all remember a Christmas where we received a poorly picked present. So it’s no surprise that when December 25th rolls around, we all want to receive a gift that’s memorable for all the right reasons. 

To inspire Brits to make the right decision when it comes to gift giving, Moonpig conducted a Christmas survey to explore the most memorable gifts and favourite presents received by members of the British public. 

The Moonpig Christmas survey unveiled that memorable, ‘money-can’t-buy’ gifts received as an adult include an all-clear health check following a cancer diagnosis and a pregnant wife. Oddly, light bulbs also feature on the list. Despite this range of gifts, the surprising standout stat was that for 80% of us, the gifts we received as children are more memorable than those we receive as adults. 

Children’s handmade presents, getting engaged and having family around on Christmas Day all also featured among the nation’s favourite gifts. 

With 82% of Londoners and over 84% of those living in Edinburgh thinking that the Christmas gifts they received as a child are more memorable than those they received as an adult, and a fifth (20%) of Brits stating their best Christmas present received as an adult was cold hard cash, it’s clear the true heartfelt magic of Christmas lies with the innocence of childhood. 

This prompted Moonpig to launch the Kids’ Institute to identify what makes the perfect present for our mini-mes, and to see the unfiltered reactions when gifts don’t quite meet expectations. 

Moonpig invited a group of children to open a range of presents to gauge initial reactions to traditional and not so traditional gifts. Kids really have no qualms; with one young man aghast at opening a gift of a packet of Brussels sprouts, to a little lady bemused by an empty foil tin. 

The day also showcased how buoyant kids can be; with two little boys exchanging a knowing glance following the unwrapping of a roll of toilet tissue, and a  group of girls getting the giggles over a jar of pickled onions. The Moonpig Kids’ Institute highlighted that while adults may cite money and gadgets as their top gifts, there’s no denying that children are far less predictable – and funny – when it comes to their present expectations.

With Kids’ Institute approved gifts including My Little Pony ‘Twilight Sparkle’, Minion’s Bob Holding a Bear and Build Your Own Batmobile, you might want to banish the sprouts, trash the toothbrushes, and head to when picking your presents this Christmas. 

Watch the video to see which presents will be a seasonal sensation, and which ones could leave the kids cold at Christmas…

Check out the website to see the full range of Christmas cards, gifts and flowers.

Research conducted by Censuswide in November 2016, across 1,000 general respondents.

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