Five great things to do for Mother’s Day

If you want to talk about selfishness, kids under the age of 10 always top the list. Seriously, when was the last time your pre-schooler put hand in pocket and paid for anything, your toddler treated you for a change, or your pint-sized pal actually got a round in down the boozer?

Mother’s Day is going to be no different this year: sure they’ll insist on crudely scrawling their name in the card in that indolent, slap-dash fashion your partner finds so adorable, but it’s going to have been you that went down to Clinton’s, you that will have to think of what to get her again, your hard earned wedge being spent on the gift… and they’ll get all the kudos.

So whether you’re buying your own mum a day to remember to make up for being a tight-wad when you were a child, or if you’re simply in need of ideas to make your little one look good in front of your missus...

Check out our selection of ace days out that will make Mother’s Day memorable this year – and not a cream tea in sight!

 High stakes arm-wrestling: loser gets impaled on rooftops and scorched by the Sun

Blood Brothers

Women (and some men, to be fair) love a weepy and while this tragic tale of twins separated at birth is more of a story about the class divide at heart, all mums will feel for Mrs Johnstone, the struggling mother forced to give up one of her sons.

Aside from its allusions to deeper socioeconomic issues, this Olivier Award-winning musical is a story of brotherhood and motherly love. Your children’s next cuddle is going to be that extra bit tighter!

For more information, visit:

Or if you’re unsure which play she’d like, or simply don’t want to sit through a musical and would rather she’d take someone else, then you can get theatre vouchers at:


"Your T-shirt is more colourful than these blossoms... and I've forgotten my sunglasses!"

RHS Gardens

A handful of daffodils nicked from a roundabout on the way home from the pub, or some forecourt flowers with petals smelling of petrol might not impress any of the mums in your life, but a thoughtful bouquet is always well received.

Why give her a bunch of flowers though when you can give her a whole garden? Early spring flowers will be abundant by Mother’s Day, and all four of the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens are hosting special events that the kids can enjoy with mum to mark the occasion, including daffodil pot decorating, green-fingered crafts, photography courses, and many more.

For more information, visit:


 Agnes liked to include little people to accent her floral displays

Florimania at Hampton Court

Continuing the floral theme, you could always instead visit Hampton Court’s annual, weekend-long festival of floristry held each spring, which this year coincides with Mother’s Day, running from Friday 13 – Sunday 15 March 2015.

Hampton Court Palace's William III’s Apartments will be crammed full of flower arrangements, illustrating how floral displays have changed over the past five centuries to mark 500 years of the palace.

For more information, visit:


"Just smile, I don't care if you have your finger stuck up your nose!" 

Photo shoot

The mums I know have immortalised every moment of their children’s lives by plastering their mugs on cushions, coasters, mobile phone cases, calendars, mouse mats, and, err, mugs. They delude themselves that these items will make excellent presents for nonplussed family and friends.

Why not put the mum in your life in the picture by getting them all dolled up and organising a Mother’s Day photo shoot, either with her and your kids or with you and your mum? She’s sure to feel like a million bucks, will have a great fun day out, and end up with a treasured memento to look back on (and get printed onto dining plates) for when your tots have turned into terrible teens.

You can find these all over the country with a quick browse in your favourite search engine or, if you’re feeling a bit skint/tight, these guys have a 74% discount deal (at time of writing), so you can treat her for a tenner:


"No, Barbara! Cherries go in your mouth, sunglasses on your face!"

Shake up her makeup

If you want to bolt-on some serious feel-good factor to the above experience, you could always arrange for her to have her makeup professionally done in advance. This also makes an excellent standalone gift for the more adventurous woman who wants to learn some new personal-styling skills or try out a different look.

Retro glam is all the rage in hipster enclaves, so why not book her and a your daughter (or a friend or two if your kids are boys) a vintage makeup tutorial session where she can get a 1950s-style makeover, transforming her into a vampish vixen, and learn how to be an expert of the wing and spin some victory rolls without ever setting foot in a plane!

There are places all over the country you can find with a quick web search, but these gals cover the whole of the UK and have bases in London and Brighton:


 The headmaster's idea of getting the teachers involved in a school production of Chicago had gone better than he'd dared dream

Burlesque classes

Being a mother is reward in itself, and no woman would trade that for the world, but mopping up vomit, wiping bums and being a soccer mum can make even the slinkiest siren feel less than sexy.

It’s time for you to bring it back! Better a gift from ‘your daughter’ (because we know who’s really paying for it) than a son (because most boys would be mortified to encourage their mum to practice the art of seduction), send your lovely lady to a burlesque class where she’ll have a good giggle with her girls and get the chance to feel great about herself again. The fact that she might learn some bedroom tips is merely a fortunate by-product, of course. (Well, you are paying, you might as well get something you’ll both enjoy!)

Classes like these have cropped up all over the UK, but these guys are particularly well-rated in London:

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