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Come on, Drac, turn into a bat or something! I Image: Universal

Dracula Untold

Starring: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon

The ultimate vampire gets a reboot courtesy of Welsh actor Evans, in what is surely supposed to be an attempt by Universal to relaunch their famous movie monsters. It’s a bit CGI-heavy, but Evans has plenty of charisma and the filmmaker’s take on the legend adds bite.

The Rewrite


Starring: Hugh Grant, Marissa Tomei, Allison Janney

Grant makes one of his few forays into the movie house, in this romcom playing a washed-up screenwriter forced to take a college teaching job. It’s not exactly unpredictable, but Grant’s on-screen grumpiness always generates a few laughs and he also gets to slag off the profession which has both rewarded him hugely and seems to drive him crazy.



Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon This weird, imaginative indie thriller came out last year in the States and is finally making its way here. Much of your enjoyment will depend on whether you are a Gyllenhaal fan, since he plays two roles – doppelgangers who get caught up in each other lives. There’s also infidelity and er, giant spiders. Seriously. The result is erotic, bizarre and sure to spark discussion.

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